Friday, 7 August 2015

The Lion Thing

Psychologically, I found today’s strip extremely difficult to draw. Anyone who knows me knows my love for (non-human) animals – the only creatures I kill are parasites, mosquitoes and houseflies. I procrastinated with this for days, ever since Cecil’s murder, while more crimes against non-human creatures kept piling up, while I tried to think of how to present it. Even when I had the idea clear in my mind, the atrocities visited on these poor animals made me almost helpless with anger, and reading them and looking over the photos for aid in the illustrations was highly traumatic.

Today’s strip is dedicated to Cecil, his brother Jericho, the nameless giraffe murdered by the two-legged beast in Panel Three, and all other non-human creatures who suffer daily at our hands for no fault of their own.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015   


  1. Excellent strip! Love it.

    It may give you some little comfort to know that Jericho is reported to be alive and protecting Cecil's cubs. Reportedly.

    1. You mean poachers didn't murder him?

    2. That is correct. My info, double-checked, is that Jericho, who not not Cecil's biological brother, is alive and well.

    3. Well, that's a good start to the Saturday.

    4. Well, that's a good start to the Saturday.

  2. And they're all wealthy, American scum.

  3. Ah yes, the white hunters. So brave, as long as their targets cannot shoot back. Where the supposed super patriot Nugent goes, take a close look at how he said he got out of being drafted to go to the Vietnam war. It is enough to make this old veteran of that war close to throwing up.
    I still have an old cartoon in some notebook that shows hunting as a real sport. To humans with guns are being shot at by a deer with a machine-gun. THAT would be sporting.


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