Sunday, 2 August 2015

I Understand

I understand why you voted for him.
He made you feel good
Expunged the racial guilt of the past.

And he improved the value of the stock market.
I understand
That makes him worthy of support
And respect.

Just like Mussolini made the trains run on time
And Hitler locked up all the troublemakers.

And I understand that he is better than the alternative
That we should be grateful for that.

Just imagine how much worse
It would have been for the people
If it had been a white conservative
Whose drones were firing missiles on their weddings
And whose trained terrorists were beheading them.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015

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  1. I'm a cynic now, but I remember years ago when I was first studying American history.

    And when we got to Teddy Roosevelt, I read about all of these amazing domestic policies. You know, trust busting and the first proposal for national health insurance and conservation and it all sounded fantastic.

    And then you get to Teddy Roosevelt's foreign policy and foreign excursions and it's hideous. Arrogant and inexcusable and violent.

    And at that point, I didn't know whether to say anything good about TR. I mean, do I grade Presidencies on a curve because, you know, they ALL have the U.S. doing something awful somewhere in the world at some point?

    I don't worry about that as much anymore- I tend to denounce 'em all - but I believe it is tough for Americans to get their heads around.

  2. I never voted for the drone king.
    Um Katy Anders, just FYI, this American born and raised old guy can wrap his head around it. I also have looked into the history of the country I was born in and still live in. Yep, (not so very) old 'Merikkka. Hell, I even served in the Marines and went to Vietnam 1970-71. I saw first hand, up close and way more personal than many, just what the US foreign policy actually is all about. Kill and/or subjugate the natives and steal the resources.


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