Wednesday 2 August 2017

De Putin Made Me Do It, Sah

Putin is in your walls
Hides under your bed
He crawls on the ceiling
And squats on your head.

If you happen to be driving
He is there, beside you
Or if you're in an aeroplane
He's the cockpit crew.

If you think your vintage wine
Is free of him, think again!
He taints your waking, your nightmares
He coils inside your brain.

If you think to end it all
With a poison pill or a rope
It's Putin who wins once again
He's the noose and the dope.

The end of the world fast cometh
And Putin did it all
Global warming, war, pollution
Are at his beck and call.

When you die your damnation
Is at Putin's bloody hand
He tempted you into sinning
Too late you understand.