Saturday 1 July 2023



Burn, France, burn

It's lovely watching you burn

From all the nations you enslaved and looted

From Haiti to Mali

Algeria to Vietnam.


It is beautiful...absolutely watch Macronistan burning. 

By the way:

Macronistan should have no objections if the Russian ambassador goes around handing out biscuits to the rioters,  right? 

Macronistan should have no problems if Russia arms the rioters, right?

Macronistan should have no problems if Russia brokers a "peace deal" to give the rioters time to build themselves up into a regular army, should it?  

What's good for the gander...

Wednesday 28 June 2023

A pro Putin post from me?!? What's happening???


Let's just assume for the sake of argument that the claims that Prigozhin launched a NATO funded coup attempt to overthrow Putin are true.

Proponents of that hypothesis, who call Prigozhin a "traitor", are claiming that he should have been killed or arrested, and it was weakness on Putin's part to let him go free.


It wasn't weakness. 

1. Russia has no death penalty. Prigozhin couldn't have been just summarily given a bullet to the head.

2. Prigozhin was not in the convoy headed to Moscow, he stayed in Rostov. This means:

(a) He would either have to be arrested somehow after fighting a city battle past 6000 highly experienced and heavily armed Wagner soldiers and brought to trial, or

(b) The military  HQ in Rostov bombed to rubble to kill him.

Any of this would have resulted in massive numbers of civilian and regular troops being killed. And the regular forces going to Rostov were Chechens. Chechens killing Russians in a Russian city? It would be a NATOstani wet dream. It would've immediately made divisions between Russians and Chechens flare up again.

In short, trying to kill Prigozhin is exactly what the NATOstanis would have loved. This way Putin got rid of Prigozhin without turning anyone against Russia.

Seems a good way to deal with it to me.

Monday 26 June 2023


I wrote the previous article when the March On Moscow was still going on, and I had explicitly compared it to the Kornilov Coup of 1917. If anything,  24 and a bit hours after it ended, the comparison is more apt than ever. Consider:

1. Both Prigozhin and Kornilov would never have carried out their coup attempts unless they had reason to believe that they had substantial  support in the capital. Kornilov thought he had been asked by Kerensky to purge Petrograd of all the revolutionary groups and "restore order". Prigozhin,  you can be absolutely certain of this, could never have believed he and his 8000 or so men* would have been able to capture power or even impose terms such as the removal of Shoigu and Gerasimov unless he thought he had substantial support in the capital and the government. It is not possible.

2. In both cases the movements  fizzled as participating  troops dropped out and the support failed to materialise.

3. Both Kornilov and Prigozhin could well be deemed guilty of high treason, but both were let off with a slap on the wrist (in Prigozhin's case it can't even be called that).

[*Just 8000 of the at least 33000-strong Wagner took part in the March On Moscow, and it appears most of those 8000 didn't even know what they were really doing. They thought they were being redeployed. And all of them are now to be brought under the Ministry of Defence (MoD), not punished in any way.]

The question I want answered is this:

How is it possible,  is it at all credible,  that the MoD didn't know what was happening?

Wagner was set up with the help of Russian  military intelligence,  GRU. It is staffed with regular military and GRU officers, and most of its troops are former regular  soldiers, not the "convicts with shovels" fantasies of the Westernaganda. Its so called "deputy" commander, General Mizintsev,  was until very recently logistics commander in the Artëmovsk front before overnight turning into a Wagner top officer. Its Soledar and Artëmovsk  field commander, call sign Lotus,  is a former regular officer who's fought in Syria,  Libya, and the Central African Republic before this. Neither Lotus nor Mizintsev participated in the putsch; the only known Wagner leader bar Prigozhin who did was the shadowy Dmitri Utkin, who may actually be Prigozhin's boss.

So how is it possible that the MoD didn't know what was in the offing?

Simple answer: it could not have not known. It is a sheer impossibility.

That's apart from the video now going around from a few weeks ago of an interview between the Russian military blogger Wargonzo (real name Simën Pegov) and Prigozhin where the former outright tells Prigozhin that the MoD is restricting Wagner's ammunition to prevent it from conducting a coup in Moscow. The MoD knew, all right.

So why didn't it do anything about it?

Many people online are operating on the assumption that this proves this was a coordinated farce between Putin and Prigozhin. I have no reason to believe that, simply because the same thing could have been achieved without any "coup" attempt. The only other explanation I can think of is that the coup was permitted to go ahead, and fizzle, to put Wagner under the MoD, just what Prigozhin  had been resisting all along.

There is a fourth similarity to the Kornilov Coup I'll predict:

105 years after the Kornilov Coup we still don't know for sure what happened.

We won't find out this time either.