Thursday 23 March 2017

No Safety In Sunders

I swear to you, I pledge
I will not mark myself safe
No matter if the skies should fall
Or the earth belch fire around me.

When my brothers die in Damascus
Under jihadi hell bombs
I am not safe.
When my sister's children cry
In the ruins of Gaza, a hard winter night
I am not safe.
When my siblings are broken bodies
In a Baghdad street, just one more car bomb blown by
I am not safe
Or when they're charred ashes in Sanaa
As Saudi planes fill the sky;

I am not safe,
Not when women scream in Mogadishu
And die unknown in Maiduguri.

When they crouch in Donbass cellars
As Nazi shells fall
I am not safe, I cannot walk tall.
When in Kabul they look around the
Wreck of a nation once great
And their children dream of drones
I am not safe,

And I never will be.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2017

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