Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Word Of The Day No. 6



Definition: Any city which is, officially or de facto, the capital of an imperialist enterprise convinced it has a right to dominate and impose its demands on the world. Also, the state of mind which allows the ruling class of this city to use war on false pretences, fake “revolutions”, and the threat thereof as its primary tools of communication with the rest of the world.

Synonyms: Hubris, imperialism, neo-colonialism, warmongering, military-industrial complex, hypocrisy.

Etymology: From the name of the capital of the United States of America, the primary exponent of this behaviour on the planet.

Also see: Amerikastan.

Example: “If you imagine Drone Man is bad, just you wait till Killary Klingon takes over as the Warmonger in Warshington after the next elections.”


  1. Got yer dander up real good day, dont'cha? :D

  2. I am not worried about Hillary Clinton.

    I am confident that once her polliing shows that 51% of Americans dislike her, she will come out firmly against herself.

  3. Yes Ma Clint-stone will be very good for the terrorist business, and it is now a business. That Hi-Larry critter is a vile thing and will back the zionist entity to the max. Well, that is also part, a major part, of the terrorist business. All for the obscene profits for the multinational weapons makers and the banksters.
    Oh, her pal Wes Clark, the clown who almost started WW3 at the Pristina airport, is in favor of any who are "disloyal" to 'Merikkka being sent to the camps, just like FDR did to the folks of Japanese decent during WW2. Some think he may be part of the cabinet if/when Hi-Larry wins/buys the election next November. Well, if you don't hear from me after the coronation/inauguration, I'll either be dead from defending myself from Wes and his goons or in some damn camp.


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