Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sack of Rabid Weasels

You have your supercomputers, and you have your drones
You have your Conspicuous Consumption, you have your iPhones
You have your snooping software, you have your muscle cars
You have your stock options, you have your humanitarian wars

All I have is
A sack of rabid weasels.

Yes a sack of rabid weasels
And they love me so.
Foaming at the mouth
Itching to be let go –

Sooner or later they’ll get out
And then they’ll overrun the world
My sack of rabid weasels.

You have your ISIS, you have smart bombs
You have your cruise missiles, and you have mass tombs
You have your fracking wells, you have battlestars
You have people signing up for Mars,

But you don’t have the key
To the world, that’s with me –

My sack of rabid weasels.

You have your refugee camps, you have your flicks
Of Hollywood’s shiny heroes fighting savages with sticks
You create climate change, you fight religious wars
You argue politics drinking cocktails in bars –

All that you have, but not
Not the sack of rabid weasels. 

Don’t be afraid of my sack of rabid weasels.

They won’t rule you like capitalists sucking your resources
Like tyrant dictators crushing your liberties
Like democracies bringing freedom to your land.

They’ll just eat you alive instead
And then you can rest in peace in your bed
For ever and anon, one past eternity –

My sack of rabid weasels.

They're waiting to be free
To taste the sweet air of liberty

And they'll be coming, they'll come for you

My sack of rabid weasels.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015 

1 comment:

  1. Bill,
    I'd like to ask you to turn them lose on Washington D.C., but my heart won't let me. See, even a very rabid weasel should not be subjected to that filth.
    By the way, I liked this one.


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