Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Tina darling
   I haven’t heard a lot from you yet about your new boyfriend. You told me he was English, of all things. And that he had the sort of long hair in a ponytail you always liked so much. But that’s all. So tell me everything, darling. What does he do? Where did you meet? Are you planning to get married? How is he in bed?
   As far as I go there isn’t anything much new to tell. I’m still working on my thesis for my PhD; odd to think that by this time next year I can call myself a doctor! Maybe people will come to me for treatment, LOL. And I’d have to disappoint the lot of them and explain I’m only a doctor of chicken breeding…J
   I met a guy I liked, but all he ever wanted was to sit around on an evening watching sports on TV. A girl wants some fun, you know! Even if she’s overweight with glasses like me. Oh, don’t get all loyal and tell me how pretty I am. In the old days gargoyles like me used to be called wallflowers, because no one would go dancing with them. So, even though the sex was good, we went our separate ways very soon. He didn’t even pick up behind himself…I’m no chambermaid, thanks very much.
   Oh – I bought a new laptop. My old computer was getting old and I had to back up all my data on external drives to make sure I didn’t lose it all if the hard disc crashed. I just did it in time, too. You remember my flat-mate, the girl from Tunisia, Noor? Her comp crashed and she lost it all. I thought she was going to commit suicide. Fortunately the faculty in her department understood and most of her stuff is right there on the net anyway. It’s just that she needed to get her butt down and mine the net again. I gave her my old computer to do it.
I bought a green top, of the sort you bought last time you were here. If we both wore them, we’d look like sisters, don’t you think?
   Oh yes, there’s something a little odd I wanted to tell you. This new laptop – well, it had no great desktop photos and screen-savers, just the standard stupefying Windows rubbish, you know what I'm talking about. No self-respecting person would be caught dead actually using them. So I was trawling the net for a few killer pictures, you know, real eye-popping stuff. And then I found this site called truecurses.com – you know how I’ve been interested in the occult. And here we have a picture of some ruined castle at night, with an old dead tree in the foreground, and a sort of meteor streaking by above. There’s a greenish light over the whole scene from the meteor. Pretty eerie. I’ll forward it to you afterwards as an attachment if you want. Well, you can see some sort of figure racing out towards you from the castle, wearing a sort of cloak and a hood. And you can just see a sword raised high in one hand, its edge glittering green in the dim meteor light. LOL, it’s even got me speaking in solemn cadences!
   OK, what I meant about the odd thing was – of course I couldn’t resist downloading it and putting it as desktop background. That was an hour back or so. Now, about half an hour back I took another look at the desktop. It’s really great, the icons also look really clear against that dark background. The odd thing was that the running figure looked much nearer. I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed to be up to the tree whereas before it was much further away. And then just before opening this window to type you this e-mail I took another look at it. Well – it’s past the tree now. I’m sure. Oh, I know what you’re going to say: "Poor Debbie, she’s always imagining things." But I know what I saw. Wait, I’m going to have another look.
   Yeah – it’s closer. Much closer. I confess it’s a bit scary, this late at night, with no one around. The internet explorer icon is right on top of the face, otherwise I’m sure I could have seen it. After I send you the mail I’m going to drag the icon away and take a look. I don’t like this sort of animation. It’s creepy. I’ll take a look and delete it. I won’t send it to you, if you don’t mind. That sword alone is frightening enough. There are dark stains on it, bloodstains I guess it’s supposed to be.
   So, Tina, I was talking about your boyfriend. I want a photo and answers to all the questions, especially the last! Oh…am I sex starved or what.
   I’m getting a little tired of that desktop, I can’t keep my mind on this mail. I keep wondering what’s going on in it. So I’ll stop right here and 

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