Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Terrorist's Tale

I don’t take up the gun against you
Because you bomb my cities, my villages

I don’t turn my body into a weapon
Because you build an Apartheid Wall
And cut people off from their water and fields
Or humiliate them daily at your checkpoints

That is incorrect.

I don’t even leave my daughter my wife
My farm and my crops
Because you occupy my land for oil
And sell my economy to your own companies
For less than a pittance or a song.

I don’t abandon a career, a life
And go out to fight your tanks your bombs
Because you foist crooks over me
In the name of freedom and democracy.

I don’t crush my humanity, and go to kill
Because you deny my existence
Or call me raghead and scum
And bomb children from drones.

No, I fight because
I'm an evildoer, and
I hate your freedoms.

                                                                         Copyright B Purkayastha 2006/12


  1. love this one,
    do you know the priests of churches in Syria are arming their communities against attack from Clinton's terrorists. They feel they have to since christians are targeted. Is not big surprise if one thinks about it, the grand "mufti" of saudis said burn all churches.

    see you after work Bill, thank you for poem

  2. Damn it Bill. U speak the truth in such a blunt manner! Thank you!! I agree with ur sentiments. I am on holiday at present but will send u links to some of my blog articles that have similar perspectives.
    I did not know of this blog of yours. So I am glad u wrote & made contact.
    In answer to ur question,- Yes!! I am as active as ever!!

  3. http://piazzadcara.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/a-terrorists-tale-bill-the-butcher/

    changed the photos around a bit, think you will like it


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