Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Whose Crime Is It Anyway?

Every single person, without exception, who endorses a war of choice becomes personally responsible for every war crime, atrocity or 'unexpected side-effect', such as 'collateral damage', arising out of that war of choice. It's not enough to say you couldn't have known. If you take upon yourself the responsibility to support a war of choice, it's your duty to have known. It's not as though the facts aren't out there, or, in this day of the internet, that they are inaccessible.

This includes not just crimes committed by your side, but crimes committed by the other side, so long as those crimes wouldn't have been committed but for your war of choice. It includes environmental devastation, famine, deaths from civil conflicts or sanctions, and any and all adverse effects arising in the long term from that war you chose, on your own volition, to support, including retributive terrorist attacks against your near and dear ones.

Since today's wars of choice are invariably waged by alliances of rich, technologically developed nations against isolated, poor and virtually defenceless countries, any and all of these effects are not only possible - they are virtually inevitable.

Make no mistake - you are responsible for them all.

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