Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Slug Rescue and the White Moth

I like slugs, actually, and when I found this one in my bathroom I had no hesitation in releasing it unharmed in my garden. By the way, this is the second large slug I've found in my bathroom in the last two days. The other one was crawling over my (now former) toothbrush.

Then there was this white moth. I'd gone out last night and when I came in I found it clinging to the back of my left wrist. It was a real collector's item - bright white, with a fluffy top to its thorax, and black compound eyes and antennae. There were orange crescents behind the compound eyes, and a line of red spots down the sides of its abdomen along the spiracles. I wish the pictures had come out better.

I had a hard time getting it to fly away. I took it out, blew at it, shook my arm and it still didn't want to go away. I finally had to gently pry it off with a fingertip. I wonder what it thought I was. Food?

I wish the moth had come clearer in the pictures. I really do.

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