Tuesday, 31 March 2020

April Fool's Day cancelled

Hi, everyone who reads this.

Normally on the first of April I post some kind of April Fool article, often a fairly complex one. But this time I won't post any.

I won't post any because nothing I could write would ever measure up to the colossal April Fool governments around the world and their corporate owners are inflicting on us with their Great Big Coronavirus Panic. This Covfefevirus is probably the biggest, most blatant con game ever played. And like victims of any other con game who resolutely refuse to believe that they've been tricked, most at the receiving end are determined to be True Believers till the end. They're turning in their neighbours, they're demanding to be imprisoned even further, they're even more afraid than they're asked to be.

I couldn't top that if I tried. Nobody could. The lunacy on display makes April Fool impossible to pull off, and I suggest we just rename April Fool's Day this year as Moronavirus Day.

So if I write and post anything tomorrow you can be certain that it's meant to be serious.

Sorry about that.


  1. Disappointing to not see my piazza listed on your blogroll ✌

  2. You've got one of the best analyses of CoViD-19 that I've seen. Basically, whenever there's money involved, all sides figure out that scientists are useless, they need salespersons. So they hire salespersons who don't know anything about the subject and don't care, their only goal is to get as much money for their side as they possibly can. I've seen this with the tobacco war, the AIDS war, and now the CoViD war.

    With AIDS, it started mainly among gay men. Many rather unpleasant people did not want to spend 1¢ on any disease that only affected gay men, while those hired to raise money for AIDS had to get the broadest possible support for a massive campaign (money going more to salespersons than AIDS research, of course). I was handed what looked like a serious scientific report that AIDS would eventually kill 1/3 of the population--one's sexual preferences would not matter--unless there was a massive campaign to find a cure and/or a vaccine.

    Ditto tobacco, where the relatively few cases of lung cancer among those who never smoked are now all attributed to second-hand smoke, in order to make the correlation between smoking and lung cancer 100%.

    And with CoViD, I cannot find any reliable statistics at all. How many usually die of viral respiratory infections? I found estimates from 150,000 per year up to 850,000, so more noise than data. And with CoViD, how many more die without lockdowns than with? No idea. What about Vietnam that tested everyone who might be infected and quarantined all those who were, and let everyone else get on with their lives? Only 270 cases and no deaths (so the Western media says, 'The Vietnamese are all liars, they've been lying that they never attacked the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin, and they're still lying').



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