Thursday, 11 August 2016

Presumed Innocent

This week's keeping-the-blog-alive post, while I continue writing Part IV of the book. Fortunately, this is the concluding part. Whew!

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  1. A quiz show Saturday, 13 August, asked, 'Who said Obama created ISIS?' The contestant won by saying, 'Donald.' The moderator said, 'Yes. Another ridiculous lie by Trump.'

    Of course, back in '14, the Washington Post ran an article that, in '08 and '09, someone released tens of thousands of jihadists from Camp Bucca, a prison near Basra. The jihadists had to swear on the Noble Koran that they would go to Syria, overthrow the evil Syrian regime, and NEVER leave Syria as long as they lived. If they swore that oath, someone gave them money and weapons to use to eradicate the evil Syrian regime. But who?

    Now we know it was the evil dictators of Syria and Russia! This is in every US/UK/EU MSM. So (I don't know much geography), Basra must be on the border between Syria and Russia.

    We know Obama could not possibly have opened the Camp Bucca prison in '09, so Trump MUST be an inveterate liar!

    And we're glad Secretary Redbeard will liberate Syria and Russia as soon as she takes office and finally eradicate the Daesh, which Syria and Russia created when they released all those jihadists from Camp Bucca!



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