Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Down By The River

Come down with me to the river
She said
And I will show you wonders.
Lie down here in the grass with me
And look, up there is the sky
With ten million million stars.
Do you never wonder why
When we’re so tiny, so ephemeral
We spend our time killing each other
Over strips of coloured cloth
Books of fairy tales?
Look at that meteor flying by
She said. That’s us, you and me
All we know, in the eyes of eternity.
She looked over to me, her eyes shining in the starlight.
Kiss me, she said
I am afraid, because I am so tiny and so alone
And tomorrow I will be gone.
Kiss me, she said, and hold me
Against the night.
We kissed and held each other
Tender against the night
And a policeman, coming by
Arrested us for public indecency.
It cost us five thousand

To buy our way free.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015



  1. lovely poem ... hate to say it but they would not but their way free here. two bodies intertwined, riddled with police bullets would be their path to freedom


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