Friday, 7 September 2012

The Soldier

For I am Death, the Destroyer
Of your world, the cremator
Of your happiness
Descending from above
In a chariot of iron and fire.

Tremble before me,
For your fate depends on me –
My whim,

In the casual pressure of a trigger pull,
I can turn your world upside down.
Speak I but a word
And your life will be ashes
Or I can spare you today and move on by.

And there is nothing you can do or say
To change what I decide
Of who is to live today and who is to die.

In my Kevlar helmet, my plates of armour
I am the Knight of God,
I am the righteous wrath of Vengeance,
Tremble before me.

But underneath that armour, inside this uniform
There’s someone else – a boy crying
To be home with his parents,
To walk in the rain hand in hand
With his girl. A boy
Who only has the memory.

Underneath the armour is a boy who does not want to be here
A boy who is crying to be free
A boy sunk in terror and misery.
And he will not let me be.

I will drown that boy in your blood
In your people’s blood.

Fear me.

"Liberation", watercolour on paper, copyright B Purkayastha, 2007

Copyright B Purkayastha 2012


  1. Bravo, great painting as well
    thank you

  2. You're a multitalent, Bill!

  3. Thought provoking poem and I am so impressed by that painting.

  4. Wonderful! That should be required reading, weekly, for everyone, to remind them about what they choose to ignore.


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