Saturday 28 May 2011

Thought of the Day

"We are a race of naked apes, crawling on the surface of a tiny dot of water, air and rock, orbiting a ball of incandescent gas revolving round the fringes of an unremarkable galaxy. It's time we stopped thinking of ourselves as anything special, or arrogating to ourselves the powers we attribute to our imaginary gods. For gods who made us in their image cannot be very important gods. And, for we will die and fade away, but the Cosmos will go on."
                                                       - saith Bill the Butcher.


  1. I oftentimes refer to myself as one of the clever monkeys occupying the third planet which revolves around a minor star in one arm of a spiral galaxy.

    I know there are plenty of folks who actually think they're special - but I don't share their arrogance....


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