Tuesday 7 December 2021

Oyster Harbour Day

 Dear World, it is better to start WWIII than let this happen again!

(Yes,  I'm making fun of Amerikastanis' "intelligence". No, I don't care if your grandfather was sunk to death at Pearl Harbour. You've lost the right to sympathy on any point whatsoever.)

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  1. Good one. It took me 50 years to understand 1984, where Airstrip One switched from an ally of Eastasia fighting Eurasia to an ally of Eurasia fighting Eastasia, then back again.
    I figured Eurasia was the USSR and Eastasia was the PRC, and when did Airstrip 1 switch between them?
    Of course, Airstrip 1 allied with Russia against France in Napoleonic Times, then with France and the Ottomans against Russia in Crimea, then with Russia against Germany and the Ottomans in WWI, then with Germany against the USSR between the wars, then with the USSR against Germany in WWII.
    And now Airstrip 1 is allied with Japan against Russia and Iran, so it must have been Russia and Iran who attacked Pearl Harbor, and Winston Smith has his work cut out for him.



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