Friday, 10 January 2020

Moby Beetle and Qassem Soleimani

There are a lot of things that have been going on in the recent imbroglio created by the Orange Orangutan in Iran.
First, let’s get this out of the way: the obvious interpretation of the Amerikastani murder of General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Muhandis of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) is that Amerikastan wants ISIS to return to Iraq. It was the team of Soleimani and Abu Muhandis who defeated ISIS in Iraq, and the only people in Iraq the murder will benefit is ISIS. As to why Ameikastan would want ISIS back in Iraq, the answer is equally simple: without ISIS the Imperialist States of Amerikastan has no excuse to maintain its occupation of Iraq. That is why ISIS was, after all, encouraged to capture Mosul and Fallujah and Tikrit in the first place.
Then, I have no problem whatsoever believing that many Amerikastani war criminals were eliminated or injured in the retaliatory Iranian missile strike on Amerikastani occupation force bases in Iraq.
Zionistani reporter Jacques Khoury of Ha’aretz tweeted that 224 injured Amerikastani war criminals were airlifted to Tel Aviv for treatment and then his account was mysteriously suspended with Khoury claiming, implausibly, that it was hacked. It’s extremely likely that Amerikastani casualties *would* be evacuated to zionistan for treatment because of they were taken home or to one of the NATO slaves, word would leak out at once. I predict that in the next weeks a remarkable number of Amerikastani troops will mysteriously “die in accidents” – a number corresponding exactly to the number killed in the Iranian missile barrage. Just a coincidence, of course!
However, whether or not any Amerikastani war criminal was eliminated, this is what we in the rest of the world have noticed: even though Amerikastan was warned in advance of the attack via the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, not one of the Iranian Qiam missiles was intercepted. This is, believe me, extremely significant. Why?
There are two models of Iranian Qiam missiles, the more than a decade old Qiam 1 and the (only relatively) more advanced Qiam 2. If they were Qiam 2 missiles they had terminal guidance, if they were Qiam 1 they didn’t. Qiam 1 are basically upgraded North Korean SCUD C missiles designed in the 1970s and have a circular error probability of 500 metres, very much not good for precise strikes, so it’s likely that they were Qiam 2. Why? Because the after strike images of the Amerikastani occupation base shows extremely precise hits on hangars and other facilities, that’s why. Either the Iranians were incredibly lucky, over and over, with a missile capable of only hitting within half a kilometre of the intended target....or they used missiles with terminal guidance.

But whatever model they are, they are still just upgraded SCUD C missiles from the 1970s…..and Amerikastani Patriot missiles and other defences proved totally unable to intercept them. This is not a message that went unnoticed. It did not go unnoticed by Turkey, which suddenly announced that the Russian S400 which it bought rather than the Amerikastani Patriot performed “far better than expected” in tests. It certainly did not go unnoticed by the zionist entity, which immediately began backing away from war talk, realising that if Amerikastan can’t even protect itself, it can’t protect the zionazi regime either. Fighting Iran is harder than bombing unarmed civilians in Gaza or shooting children in the West Bank. And it did not go unnoticed by the Orange Orangutan’s regime, which began dialling back tensions as fast as it could.
Yes, I believe that zionazi “prime minister” Nazinyahu was involved in Soleimani’s murder, probably the motive force in it. It, Nazinyahu I mean (no zionazi is human or even better than a virus as far as I am concerned) had expected an Amerikastani war against Iran, which it would have used to stay in power and thus out of –prison. Having found, however, that it has only made Iran stronger, it is now distancing itself from Trump’s Titanic disaster as fast as it can.
Why, before I go on further, do I consider all Amerikastanis who join their armed forces to be war criminals? Because, like gang members who volunteer for Mexican cocaine cartels or the Mafia, and immediately become criminals from the moment they join, whether or not they have yet committed a crime, any Amerikastani joining its armed forces is immediately a war criminal. No exceptions whatsoever. No sympathy either if and when they get blown to pieces.
As things stand today, though, I have absolutely no reliance on Amerikastanis being able to rein in their regime’s warmongering instincts, even if they really want to. And I have absolutely no reliance on their desire to want to. Back in the period 2003-2008, I was still naive enough to imagine that, like Indians or Pakistanis, most Amerikastanis were basically peace lovers who had nothing to do with their nation’s foreign policy. But then, as soon as the mass murdering mulatto monster Barack Hussein Obama took power, I saw those same Amerikastanis overnight turn from being anti war to enthusiastically cheering for more war. By 2016 the same Amerikastanis (the very same ones) who had literally been calling for George W Bush to be skinned alive ten years ago were cheering him as a hero because he had said some nice sounding words against Trump.
I decided, and have seen no reason to alter that decision since, that
1.     The only way Amerikastanis can be compelled to genuinely oppose their regime’s war crimes is if they are personally threatened. This is why Amerikastani regimes will do literally anything to avoid reintroducing conscription, including hiring mercenaries to do its fighting for it. The basic lesson of the Vietnam War was that the protestors were mostly motivated by the fact that they, or their spawn or boyfriends or brothers, were at risk of being exterminated by the Viet Cong. Amerikastani wars since then have been careful not to repeat that mistake.
2.     All Amerikastanis are legitimate targets, no matter whether male, female, “transgender”, or whatever, no matter whether aged 100 seconds or 100 years. There is no such thing as an innocent Amerikastani in a world where Amerikstani drone jockeys refer to the Afghan and Arab children they murder as “bugsplat” and “fun sized terrorists”. Only if and when each individual Amerikastani “civilian”, and its relatives, are at real and lethal risk can there be expected to be a change in their behaviour.
So, today’s cartoons. It’s fairly obvious what the first one is. I assume that anyone reading this has read Moby Dick, one of the greatest novels ever written, or at least is familiar with its story. It’s more than obvious that Trump is suddenly confronted with the fact that Iran is a far tougher nut to crack than expected. If that realisation means Trump can’t start a war to secure re-election in 2020, too bloody bad. Remember what happened to Ahab? Moby Dick didn’t ask to be harried and hunted. It wasn’t his fault he was forced to defend himself and eliminate the two-legged enemies who wouldn’t just leave him alone. Iran, a nation which has not invaded anyone since 1770, is in the same place, and will respond in exactly the same way.
Click to enlarge, if you want.

The second cartoon depicts Sarge and Beetle from the comic strip Beetle Bailey.

I dislike the strip intensely, and have long wanted to mock it. Also, it gives me an excuse to post the cartoon on the Comics Curmudgeon website – look at the bar on the left – where the strip is mocked by almost everyone.
As before, click to biggerofy

Unless Trump does something stupid, we will return to Jihadi Colin and his attempt to resist promotion to Caliph next episode.
Stay tuned.


  1. Ok, ok ... but what I really want to see is the chapter of the Jihadi Colin saga on this subject, with a participation of the Orange Orangutan who appears disguised as an Arab belly dancer and tries to convince the hero to release a manifesto in favor of death of Solaimani in exchange sexual favors? Both?

  2. samir sardana11/01/2020, 20:11

    US assassinates Solomon-I, in Iraq, in a Quasi-Shia State, in the wee hours of the morning.

    Y would a Iranian Gen – who is anti-Israel and America, fly from a Commercial/Military Airport in Iraq – when the US embassy was firebombed just a few days ago ? He would have known that all his e-signatures would be tracked by the Americans,second by second,and there would be no dearth of spies at the hangar,ATC,Airport who would ply the Americans with precise coordinates of the General’s flight patterns ?

    Surely after the US embassy bombing the Good General would have been told by his team to exit Iraq ? Could a general be so careless or foolish – that he would think that he could exit from a designated airport,after the US embassy escapade – and with another designated terrorist (designed by USA) – with makes it a double prime target – and with no collateral baggage ? In ISIS days – he was fighting with the Americans – and those days are over.

    Persian Shia’ism is not a suicide cult – it appears to be one – but it is not.So the general was misled into complacency and entrapped by some , in the Iraqi state, to take that flight – and the US embassy firebombing might also have been a false flag operation as the US troops shot no one – id.est., no firebomber was killed.But the sons of Xerxes and Cyrus cannot be so naive and foolish.The General would not have boarded that plane unless he was secured by the Russians and Tehran.2000 years ago, the Jews inserted a fake verse into the Old Testament and Talmud – to state that Cyrus was the messiah- and showed it to Cyrus – who like a fool, believed it, and rebuilt the Temple !The General had read the Torah,Talmud,Hebrew Bible and the History of the Jews and the Nassara

    CNN portrays the killing as a “Trump rash reaction” – but it is not.Ultimately,the USA will go to war with Iran – as the Americans do not trust the Persian Shias – on the N-Bomb,and the Persians do not trust the Jews or the Nassara. Soleimani was just the catalyst to push the Persians into the N- Suspension, and go full N-throttle – which is what the Persians have done – and which is what the Americans wanted.

    Iraqi govtt will kick out the US troops and the US troops will not leave – as that is what the Americans (and Kurds,Nassara,Sunnis) really want.To be precise, the Kurds,Suniis do not want the Yankii to leave – but that they be asked to leave – so that their mortal fears of living under Persian Shias is brought to the fore – for a partition of the Iraqi state

    What the Americans want is to trifurcate Iraq – which will happen inevitably post Soleimani – and which is what the Persians also seek,although the Persians would like to Shia-ise the whole of Iraq.Persian security interests are preserved by destabilising and burning Iraq to create a “sea of fire” between them and the US/Israel and satellite Hezbollahs all over the Gulf,especially encircling the Saudis (The Soleimani Doctrine).But now,they will be happy with a trifurcation

    After trifurcating Itaq the Persians will export their franchise and the brand to all Shia regions in GCC and Africa (where the USA has lesser troops and even lesser interest).Even the EU/PRC will be pleased – and this will look like an amicable solution (already crafted) – after creating a well planned disaster (assassinating Soleimani).dindooohindoo

  3. samir sardana11/01/2020, 20:11

    Part 2

    There was no inpending attack by Soleimani – just lies and deception of the American state.There are many heads of Terror Groups in the Gulf who can be killed, with or w/o collateral impact – but they are never taken out – not even by Israel or ISIS (Israel Secret Intel Service).The Americans chose a Persian Shia,when the whole Sunni world hates Persia and the Persia Shian, and killed him in a Quasi Shia State – and so there is no empathy or support for the Persians – even after the assassination – not even from Russia and PRC.

    Obviously,the Russians,PRC,EU would have known – and they did not tip off the Persians and the Americans shot off 4 Hell Fire’s – and THERE WAS NO COLLATERAL PRESENCE AT THE AIRPORT AT THAT TIME. A marked man would travel in the presence of ample collateral baggage – like the Hamas and Hezb, do in Gaza – to provoke Collateral damage,and then the Christian empathy,by Amanpour on CNN

    The Persians have launched a muffled attack at a site which it knows, hosts no Americans, using missiles which have the capacity to hit US barracks,and knowing that the site hosts Iraqis – where the Iranians had ample intel and time to affix missile coordinates for the terminal descent – and they did not.The Persians used BM with intent,SO THAT THE AMERICANS could track their launch and loading and set up – AND THE AMERICANS did NOT TAKE OUT THE LAUNCHERS AND SILOS – before take off.

    The whole story stinks and if it ends with the Persian missile strike – it will stink even more.Odds are there will be more strikes by the Persians and US will make 1 strike (at least) on Persian soil – to further aggravate the Persians into the N-Bomb – and then disaster will come when either side hits civilians by plan or strategy

    A few days ago,the Iranian media mentioned the US blowing up of a Iranian Airliner long ago.Coincidentally,a NATO nation – Article 5 nation – had its commercial aircraft blown up in Tehran- with no survivors – at take off time – with all tanks full,Ukraine is a nation that Trump and the USA have sworn to protect.

    Just providence of coincidence and incidence.No one is reporting on the passenger list – surely there would no Shias on the plane.

    The Nassara do not understand 1 simple thing.For the Persians and also the Sunnis,the path to salvation and evolution, as per Shia Theology and Philosophy – goes via the Bed of Armageddon – as that is when the Mehdi will return

    As an aside, the Hindoos sent a terror-spy to Pakistan, via Iran, on the cover of a port project.The spy was busted in Pakistan.Hindoo History and Persian History shows that whenever, the Persians support the Hindoos or Indians – some disaster occurs.Soleimani supported the Indian Terror-Spy.

    The wisdom of the “children of Cyrus,Darius and Xerxes”,encapsulates the “transcendence of Human thought”, the “Deuterosis of the Dindoo”, as under:

    A “Persian dictionary”,titled “Lughet-e-Kishwari”,published in Lucknow in 1964,gives the meaning of the word Hindu as “chore [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and ghulam [slave].

    Evidently the Gates of Hell are ajar.In essence,the world is overpopulated.If The Indians and South East Asians (besides Thai women) were to disappear,the Garden of Eden would return.Then there are Arabs,who allow Hindoos in their nation and let them build temples in Arab nations and extol Hindoo Gods – such vermin should also die.dindooohindoo

    And then there are Muslims – who will not answer 1 simple question – Was Soleimani a Mujahid and now a Shaheed.Soleimani- the Persian,named after Solomon-the son of David-David the messiah of Israel.

    Solomon bore the Curse of Allah on the Jews – as per the Hebrew Bible – id.est the Jews are cursed by Allah,due to the sins of Solomon.

    Y did the Russians and Tehran not protect Soleimani ? They allowed him to be killed .

  4. The official American history/news/narrative is that the US military is the only thing keeping the world safe from the evil, imperialistic, marching Russians/Soviets/Chinese/Muslims who want to take over the world and kill everyone who does not join their evil cult.

    And then there is Tulsi, who read and listened and joined and now tries to preach that the US military is evil and should be stopped. She was quickly banned by the DNC & the media from getting any news coverage, for reasons which must be obvious.

    Sanders is more of a question. Sometimes for, sometimes against US neo-Imperialism.

    The rest are just as Bill says they all are: strongly supporting the unending expansion of the US neo-Empire until it covers the entire planet, killing anyone and everyone who resists, and gaoling for Life without Parole any American, European, or Australian who tries to tell the TRVTH and has the most miniscule modicum of success.


  5. I've been searching in vain for some skit, cartoon or edited video that likens Qassem Soleimani to Obi Wan Kenobi, in that scene just before Darth Vader kills him where he & the resistance are in the process of dismantling the Death Star.

    “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

    The nearest I could find was this lame attempt from when OBL was retired

    The MSM would not dare draw parallels now, between Soleimani and Obi Wan's quote, especially as his final words ring so painfully true.

  6. Gen. Soleimani did not normally go where an American drone could kill him. It took effort. First, Saudi called and said they wanted peace with Iran, and they'd send a very senior Saudi to meet in Baghdad. Then Trump called and said he strongly favoured the idea, and the US would support a peace deal between Saudi and Iran. So Iran sent one of their top people, Gen. Soleimani, to Baghdad, on a scheduled flight, and Trump had him killed as he was driving away from the airport, along with all his companions. Republicans say Trump did a great job, and Democrats say the US military did a great job in spite of Trump.

    Fortunately, the US should find it a little bit more difficult to pull this off again. Just as, after both Saddam and Qaddafi fell for the exact same US trap, no one else has been stupid enough to believe a US offer of generous foreign aid to a nation suffering from severe US sanctions just as soon as they totally disarm.



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