Sunday, 28 October 2018

The Occupation

The internet is full of people shocked and horrified at the attack on a synagogue in Amerikastan and the killing of eleven (or whatever the final number is) worshippers.

Right, so they are, very properly, aghast at a horrific crime, by a man who is probably deranged, in a country where mass shootings are a daily routine.

So, tell me, how many of these same people batted an eyelash when zionazi war criminals in the racist apartheid colonial settler entity in Occupied Palestine shoot civilians in full view of video cameras, day after day after day? How many?

Yeah, I thought so.

Title: The Occupation

Material: Acrylic on Paper

Date: 28/10/2018

Copyright: I'm waiving copyright. It's free to share if you want.


  1. Every bit of this behavior is wrong, but in this world humans continue to disappoint in their blatant disregard of other humans and life in general. It seems like violence is the only way to get one's point across and all that happens is that people continue to kill and oppress each other. Until we evolve as a species I just don't see it getting any better.

  2. Bill,
    The media, and the majority of 'Merikkka doesn't even know about the Palestinians. Trust me on this. I have a pin with the Palestinian flag on it with the words Free Palestine over the flag. Very few have ever asked me about it. I wear that hat every time I leave my apartment. One person saw it, then told me how much she "loves" Israel! Yes, she was so in love with the goddamn zionist entity. I asked her if that was true, when was she moving to live there. She got very nasty right then. Told me I will end up in hell. Well, I hope so. So many people have told me to go there, I see it as highly recommended. Worth a stop at least.
    These mass shootings in 'Merikkka sure put a twist in what long dead Nikita said about burying the USA years ago. Hell, we are doing that to ourselves.
    Yes, Palestinians get shot, wounded, and killed every damn day or so just for getting close to the vile goddamn wall the zionist entity built around Gaza and the West Bank. Makes zero notice to the media in 'Merikkka. Oh, but if some fool 'Merikkkan or a member of that nasty entity that keeps Palestinians in prison gets hurt, then all hell breaks out in the media here.
    Double standards much?
    Maybe Jono above is correct. Maybe the human race has not evolved far enough yet.


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