Sunday, 26 August 2018

Save Al Qaeda!

I don't usually post my cartoons on this site any longer, but the Amerikastani liberal slobbering about Russia online has grown so ridiculous that I would not be at all surprised if someone claimed on 11 September that "9/11" was a Russian plot. I would, in fact, be surprised if someone did not claim it.

More and more I am relieved and happy that I have left Fakebook and otherwise cut off my interactions with Amerikastani liberals. Those which infest Twitter and Disqus are bad enough.

Meanwhile, my laptop is giving me endless trouble. It's not even that old - two years - and I don't have money to buy a new one, or else I would. That is why there has been no recent writing.

Also, about Amerikastani liberal censorship on Twitter, WordPress, Fakebook and elsewhere: censorship is the most liberal of liberal traits, isn't it?

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  1. Bill,
    I am with you 100% on nobody (yet) sating 9/11 was a Russian deal. Well, McCrazy is dead so that leaves it to his sweetheart Lindsey Graham. I think even Romney is not that bloody stupid.
    Sorry to hear about your lap top. Should have got a Mac book. I know they cost more, but I have been using an Apple computer since 1997. Back then, when Photoshop first came out, it was Mac only and I wanted to use the computer as my darkroom. My current iMac was delivered new to me in late 2008. The last time I took it for service, the tech installed a newer version of the Mac OS. Wish he hadn't done that as I cannot use the Canon photo software now. Canon cannot access this version and I have to use the Mac photo program. Yeah, I know, we should all have such minor troubles. Hey, I'm getting damn close to being 71 years old and my emphysema/COPD is getting much worse.
    Hell yeah, got to keep alCIAda up and running. How else are those poor defense(??) contractors rolling in money?


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