Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Matter Of Exchange

[Cartoon by Carlos Latuff]

Once I had legs, and you had
A bomb.

It was, you said, a fair exchange,
My legs for your bomb.

Once I had a life
And you took it away
Blew it to tatters and pieces
Spread it in the dust
With your bomb.

I scraped it together, piece by piece
I built it back again.
You took my legs, I got wheels
You couldn’t take my voice
You couldn’t take my tongue.

Those were too dear to barter away
Like my country that you occupy
With your walls and your settlers
Your blue white flags, your monster tanks, your fire-spitting guns.

But there was another exchange you could make
A sniper bullet, for my life
The life I’d scraped from the dust.

It was, you think perhaps
A good bargain.
It will not be.

From each drop of my flowing blood
My life will rise again
You will see.

You will see.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2017


[For Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, murdered by the racist apartheid colonial settler zionazi pseudostate in Occupied Palestine.]


  1. Ibrahim Abu Thuraya and his death by a sniper of the IDF reminds me of another slogan from the Vietnam war days of my misspent youth. You may kill me, but you cannot kill and idea. His memory will inspire others. The shit storm Trump started by his announcement of Jerusalem being the capitol of the zionist entity is just beginning.
    Hey, you know, those folks with no legs who get around in wheel chairs ARE damn dangerous. Why, they are still able to think and talk. Thinking for yourself can be very dangerous to the state. Why, I figure any day now here in 'Merikkka the congress cretins will pass some crap law to make thinking for ones self illegal. They ought to make it unlawful as an ill eagle is just a sick bird. Yeah, I am playing with words here. I just had to do that. OK, I'll go back to my corner to await my 50 lashes with a wet noodle.
    Oh, does that 'brave' zionist sniper get a medal for killing the wheel chair bound Palestinian? Bets he/she will get one, from Bibi Nuttyassed Yahoo his self no doubt. Yes, that WAS sarcastic and I meant it to be.

  2. Bill, the addition of the drawing really helps set the mood. Too bad that rock of truth had not hit the zionists in the head long ago. Treat others the way you want to be treated. That is the best way to live and I am 10,000% certain it predates every religion ever known to humans. Just my view.
    You still put more truth in a single drawing that the entire MSM of 'Merikkka ever.


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