Monday 13 November 2017

A Note To Readers

From now on, unless I use my cartoons to illustrate an article or story I'm writing, I will no longer be posting said cartoons on this site. They will be posted on my cartoon site, Raghead the Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist, only. This is to make sure my writing is visible to visitors to this site who click on the front page only, which is the vast majority of visitors.

This need not dismay readers who come here to see the cartoons. Look on the left of this page. See the list of links called "If you're not going to read me, read them"? You'll see the link to Raghead there, and it will be updated each time anything is posted on that site.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading, and I love you all.



  1. Понятно, дорогой.

  2. Bill,
    I have your cartoon page saved. I check it at least once a week.
    You say more with a single cartoon than the entire 'Merikkkan MSM combined.


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