Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Christmas Story

Santa Claus was feeling sorry, oh Santa Claus was sad
For Jesus Christ had come again and my word was he mad.
He said "My father's house will not be a marketplace
But you not just make it one you do it in my face.
Christians you call yourselves - Christ-ians you are not
My name you put on your lips and my teachings you forgot.
There is a place for you, yes, there is a place beneath
Full of wailing and darkness and gnashing of the teeth."
Santa called his business partners, yes he called them all
They held a meeting in a great big conference hall.
"Jesus is a saboteur, an economic terrorist too
He'd sabotage my bank account and do the same to you.
If he gets away with this, for we'll all be done
We have to stick together,  each for every one." 
They made their decisions, yes they all had their say
They wouldn't let a hurdle like Jesus stand in their profit's way.
They crucified Jesus Christ, yes they hung him on a cross
And put it up on television to show all who was boss.
This year Christmas sales are more than ever, yes, the profits are going up
Overflowing with happiness, Santa's brimming cup.
So listen to my story kiddies, draw near and hear me tell
That Santa's in his heaven, and on earth all is well.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant! BRAVO Bill! You nailed the 'Merikkkan way of things perfectly in this one.


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