Monday, 16 October 2017

Little Baghdadi Sat In A Wadi

Little Baghdadi sat in a wadi
Eating his Kurds by the way
Along came a Russian plane
And the SAA came
And the Kurds jumped up to say

"How dare you try to take my spoils
Baghdadi is my hero too
And I'll gladly ally with this bugger
Before I settle with you.
And if you think I'm alone
Look over there and think again
Those tons of arms from Trump's closet
Didn't just come up through the drain.

"ISIS, Kurds, America, we're together
When it comes to you,
We'll take Raqqa and the oilfields
And we'll keep Kirkuk too."

But the roar came slamming
From the Syrian lion here
And the Iraqi lion shook his mane
Bared fangs and rose up there.

And now Baghdadi and Kurds alike
Will be eaten by the way
Nobody knows, where this story goes
But we're finding out, day by day.


  1. Trump has lost interest in Syria and Iraq, he has bigger, better fish to fry. He said that Iran was responsible for the Daesh, al-Qaeda, and every other terrorist group, and the US will take the necessary action. Trump is following Bush, jr and Obama, and disrupting another evil oil producer that is reducing US/Saudi profits, which, we all now know, is the most important job of the US president, and Trump should win re-election by a large margin for doing his job well.

    (Not clear what happens to the Kurds, the news says the Iraqi army is attacking the Kurdish autonomous region as I type, and that it has overrun a Kurdish airport and an oilfield, so the Iraqi army seems to be winning; however, the news that's carrying the story is an Arab channel, so naturally they favour the Arabs over the Kurds and want to report good news to their audience. I haven't seen anything yet on any of the other news channels about what's happening in the Kurdish autonomous region.)


  2. When I first read this poem, the Western news channels I watch said the Kurds were winning against ISIL in Raqqa, and the Eastern news channels said the Russians and Syrians were winning in eastern Syria.

    But since then, the news is that, just as Lawrence lied to the Arabs and Kurds, the Kurds in Iraq have been lied to by Bush, jr, Obama, and Trump.

    Ss Sykes and Picot's lines are sacred, and must never be questioned.

    The 'right to self determination' means that all the European mercantile colonies must return to home rule (even the ones, such as Malta, that wanted to remain colonies), but the sacred lines drawn by the Europeans must remain, and ethnic groups within those lines have absolutely no right to break off into separate groups (unless the US thinks they should, like Kosovo).

    So the Kurds hope of Kurdistan was always a false hope, and they must accept the lines drawn by Ss Sykes and Picot.

    And Bill knew hours before I did.


  3. When I first saw this post, the Western news was that the SDF had almost re-taken Raqqa (with lots of help from the USAF). The Russian news was that the SAA had just taken another village (with many orphans begging for food, all orphaned by ISIL, NOT by the Russians or SAA). Nothing about the Iraqi Army and militias overrunning Kirkuk province.

    Then a little news. Then more.

    The Iraqi Army and militias now control all the oil, and the Turks control all the border, so Kurdistan is just a fading memory.

    Silly Kurds. They believed Lawrence, and helped the British defeat the Ottomans. They believed both Bushes, Clinton and Obama. And now they no longer have even a Kurdish Autonomous region, it's just a part of Iraq run by the (Arab) Iraqi government and by (Arab) militias. And the Arabs running it are Shi'a, while the Kurds are mostly Sunni (but a sect of Sunni that ISIL and al-Qaeda don't think deserve to live, one that is practically infidels; that's the one thing the Shi'a Iraqi government and militias agree with ISIL and al-Qaeda: that the Kurds are practically infidels).



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