Friday, 2 June 2017

Current Affairs In Cartoons

Israeli Secret Imperialist Service


In Memoriam


Where Are The Liberals Of Yesteryear?


Rue Britannia


Word Of Warning

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  1. Bill,
    First, my understanding of your recent computer related troubles. We have become so attached (addicted?) to these neat electronic items in the last few decades. My first computer was an old Radio Shack TRS-80 and it had a "whole" 48K of ram. Oh, and a 300 baud dial up modem.
    I laugh now days as one can buy a pocket calculator at any gas station with more ram than that for under $10.00 US.
    When the power supply of this older iMac went to the electronic graveyard/hell it almost seems like I had become very ill. I found a shop in town here that actually does repair Apple computers. This town is 99.9999% a crap windows (I say win don'ts as Billy Gates is .......well, that is for later). Windows 10 is still NOT even close to being as user friendly as most Mac OS's are and have been for many years, like since 1994.
    Glad you made it through the mess of electronic hell and are almost back up to full speed. Hope you get that new modem soon.
    I also think your dental practice will pick up, things like having to move your office will always cause upset among your patients/specimens.
    Years ago, my pain management doctor moved his office. It was for the best as there was only his building on the new site, more parking space. Too bad his manners and treatment suffered much in about one year after that move. Just part of why I quit seeing him. Oh, he hired staff and assistants who were way behind the curve and many were quite incompetent.
    Hang in there Bill old friend. Life can really suck at times. Hey, at least you do NOT have the orange haired moron as the leader of the country you live in. Some choice we had; Killary Klingon or Trump. Yeah, NO choice. By the way, Jill Stein isn't much better/different as she showed us after the election was over.
    'Merikkka is going to fall and it will be a very hard fall.
    I didn't set out to post a downer comment, sorry about that, it just had to get out and I couldn't hold it in any longer.


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