Friday, 14 April 2017

Current Affairs In Cartoons

The New Ten Commandments


Gassing Away With It


Massive Obvious Arse-covering Bomb



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  1. You just don't understand. Trump promised to get rid of the Daesh, and he found that St Hillary had the best plan to get rid of the Daesh, and he's adopted it.

    The great plan is to get rid of the evil Syrian regime, and put in the internationally recognised (by the US/UK/EU/Saudis/Turks) government of Syria, the Higher National Council. The Higher National Council will then absorb the Dash and al-Qaeda in Syria into the legitimate government of Syria, so they will no longer exist!

    What about the Dae and al-Qaeda in Iraq? Obviously, they must be eliminated, one way or the other. The best way to eliminate the Dae and al-Qaeda in Iraq is to convince them all to go to Syria, where they'll be incorporated into the new, internationally recognised government of Syria. Those who refuse to go must be bombed and droned. Fortunately, most seem to have gotten the message and are quietly moving to Syria, where they belong (Abu Bakr and his senior commanders are said to have left Mosul for Syria last month, leaving behind just a small cadre of suicide bombers).

    Problem solved!



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