Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

Jihadi Colin has a message for all you undesirables.

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  1. A devout Muslim is asleep on my sofa. She told me that she has never tasted champagne. She said she was at parties where Saudis had suitcases full of $100 bills, and they handed them out to all the women who were less Islamic than she, but she never compromised her principals, and so never got any of those $100 bills.

    So she would like me to give her a few thousand $100 bills. Why she thinks I am obligated to give them to her isn't clear to me, nor is her conviction that I have several million $100 bills and wouldn't miss a few thousand of them.

    Her 15 year old daughter was taken from school at her menarche, as her son's sect of Islam demands (she's divorced, so her eldest son is the head of the family, and whatever he says, goes). Now that 15 year old is celebrating the new year with friends. Whether that celebration will be profitable or not, I will not see. The 15 year old will return to mum at some point, and they will speak Arabic about how much (if anything) the 15 year old earned, but I will not understand whether or not the 15 year old earned any money. If she is not earning any, her activities must be typical 15 year old girl activities. If she is earning a LOT of money, they are activities I wish I could stop, but I can't. And I won't even know whether or not I should disapprove, since I do not understand Arabic.



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