Monday, 14 November 2016

Current Affairs In Cartoons

The Siege

The Silence Of The Shams

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  1. We won't have any idea about what Trump will do in the MENA until Jan 20. And maybe not then.

    Trump will do LOTS of damage, of course, with tax subsidies to get the closed coal mines to re-open, more drilling with more protection for the oil companies so no one can sue if there's a spill, and Trump will generally speed up the demise of the planet.

    But he says he'll stop support for the anti-regime fighters that Obama is strongly supporting and that President Clinton would have sent the US military to assist with their taking over and becoming the legitimate, internationally recognised Syrian government. (Sending in the US military would have alleviated the starvation those freedom fighters now face in Aleppo, since then those freedom fighters would have more than enough to eat, and I think US Marines qualify as seafood.)



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