Saturday, 17 September 2016

Biting The Hand...

Yes, I am aware that there's a spelling error. It's not easy to fix it with my basic Paint skills.

This will be the last cartoon for a while. I need to get my desktop, on which I do my cartoons, repaired. Also I need to focus on writing. 


  1. Bill,
    My opinion, this is what is knob as blow back. One can also call it Karma, pay back or a few other choice terms.
    In the Marines (USMC), we used to say the "retribution is incest". Being radio repair techs, we tried to be polite, well sort of. That phrase is a polite way of saying that "payback is a mother******"
    I used the * so as not to offend other readers of your blog.

    1. Most readers of my blog aren't exactly easy to offend :) I hope your health is good now. I got badly worried about you when you didn't show for a while.

  2. Bill,
    Many thanks for your kind concern about me. I only have a very few rules, one of which is to never apologize to me and never worry about me.
    I just need a break now and then. The current farce of our 'election' (you know, Killary vs. the Donald) is so damn depressing that I had to stop reading about politics for a while.
    I'm doing fair health wise all things considered. Thanks again for your thoughts.
    Glad you are back to the blog again, but looking forward to getting actual copies of your books soon. I'll put them on my xmas list.
    Hope you are in good health also.

  3. No problem getting by the typo.


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