Saturday, 14 November 2015

Attaque sur Paris

Presented with not the slightest apology whatsoever. If anyone is offended, they more than likely deserve to be.


  1. Although I absolutely oppose politicizing this terrible event, and although my views and yours are very different on many things, I know you to be a person of intelligence and integrity. I respect your viewpoint without agreeing with it. Would that the rest of the world were able to do the same.

  2. Not offended here. You have a valid point. You could even have included Ben Bella of Algeria but most people would not get the point.

  3. Hollywood always makes casinos crooked. When a young woman is so desperate for money she is ready to sell her body, Rick tells her to bet 50 francs on a certain number on his roulette wheel. She does and wins. Rick tells her never to gamble again, but to take the money, buy tickets out of Vichy French Casa Blanca, and never come back until the Nazis have been defeated.

    Or Johnny Hooker bets on a number, the ball goes into the slot he bet on, and the croupier pushes a button so the ball is knocked out of the slot so Johnny loses.

    In real life, the casino wins from what is called a martingale, which means gamblers always lose (eventually) in a perfectly honest game. No need for the casino to cheat, and lots of reasons not to.

    So yes, Roosevelt had the full plans for Pearl Harbor before it happened. But the plans were in Japanese. The fact that the US knew how to decode Japanese ciphers was Top Secret, and no one with the requisite clearance knew Japanese, so the document sat, untranslated, from mid-November '41 until December 7 (when it was suddenly obvious what was in it).

    Bush, jr heard chatter about an impending attack. Ruling out the obviously impossibility of an attack on US soil, given the existing security measures against such an attack, he was sure it would be an attack on a MENA Embassy. I went to a MENA Embassy in July '01 to ask a question and they almost shot me as a terrorist. But it was classified that the Embassies were closed, and I didn't know (I found out, and every Pakistani I knew already knew about it, but they saw no need to tell an American, since surely every American must know).

    I do NOT blame Bush, jr for what happened on 9/11, I blame him for using it to enrich himself and his Friends, and for killing a million or so Iraqis and Afghans.

    Strangely, I know a lot of people who do blame Bush, jr for 9/11, that he should have known from the chatter exactly what was planned, but then they say he had no choice but to punish the evildoers after it happened.

    Well, that's how Hollywood would have dramatised the story.



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