Thursday, 28 August 2014

Newborn Baby Takes Part in Ice Bucket Challenge

Rueters, 29 August 2014. New York. 2109 hours.

By Juno Kuttigranchu

In a potentially world-record-breaking Ice Bucket Challenge, a couple in New York dumped a pan of ice water on their newborn daughter in the delivery room, as soon as the umbilical cord was cut.

The couple, Adam and Eve Gehrig, said that they had been motivated by watching YouTube videos of other couples including their own children in the ice bucket challenge. Some of those children were as young as two.

“We’ve been seeing videos online of people encouraging their kids to do their bit in the challenge,” Adam, 28, said. “We thought that if we’re going to do it, we might as well try for a world record here.”

“We saw that the other couples say that their kids wanted to take part in the challenge,” his wife, Eve, 26, added. “Of course, our daughter is too young to talk, but we’re quite certain she’d have agreed if she could.”

Authorities from the Guinness Book of World Records said they’d look into whether it was possible to register a new record for the baby, who has yet to be named.

Reaction on the net was varied. While a few people condemned the act as a “stunt”, others called these people “killjoys” and commended the Gehrigs for their “bold and courageous” act. Still others, however, lamented that the couple had set a record that would prove impossible to break.

One pregnant woman, who requested that her name should not be used at this time, told this writer that she was seriously considering having a Caesarian operation in the eighth month of her pregnancy so that the foetus could be ice bucketed inside the womb. “They could sew it up back again inside me, right?” she asked. Doctors, however, said that it was unlikely that this would be permitted. Reaction online was also fairly negative, with respondents saying that the blood would be “icky”.

The ice bucket challenge involves challenging people to dump icy water on their heads, and post videos of the deed online, or pay $100 to the research against motor neurone disease. It has attracted a lot of attention from celebrities, and been called a “brilliant marketing ploy.” Other fund-raisers have been watching it with admiration.

“We’re planning a new challenge, called the Rubber Hammer Challenge,” one such
fundraiser stated. “It will involve challenging people to hit themselves on the head with a rubber hammer – hard enough to raise a bump – or to pay $1000 towards our cause.”

Asked what that cause was, the fund-raiser said it was research into the effects of cerebral concussion. 


  1. The name of the couple is a nice touch.

  2. It appears that everyone else on Earth has already done poured ice water over their head and posted it on facebook, so the newly-born and unborn would be the only people left.

    Well, except for me, but that's only because I don't anyone finding a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.

  3. In the face of all that's going on the world today, I'm soooo sick of this bloody feel-good thing that even George Bush can do. I liked the Palestinian who started the 'rubble bucket challenge' to draw attention to the suffering of Palestinians since while there is a severe shortage of water in Gaza, there's plenty of rubble.

  4. By the way. No matter how outrageous we might believe our satirical writing is, real life catches up:

  5. Ha-ha-ha, It was extremely funny ))

  6. Bitching about an ice bucket challenge.... Nothing wrong with creating awareness for a disease. If u don't like it don't do it. Why idiots on the internet constantly cry over shit that bothers them is beyond me. Feels like you have nothing else to cry about.

    And of course you don't have the guts to let this post seeing as how u censors your replies....

  7. I find this entire ice water dumping to be absolutely STUPID! It must have begun in the US of A, also known as 'Merikkka. I say this because only in 'Merikkka do humans waste precious resources all the while not giving a flying shit in hell for their fellow humans who have no access to safe, clean drinking water.
    The number of our fellow humans with NO access to safe, clean drinking water numbers in the MILLIONS! And here in 'Merikkka, these goddamn fucking idiots waste clean, safe drinking water for some damn fool stunt.
    What fucking moronic STUPID asshats they ALL are who participate in this waste.
    Yeah, I know, I AM being an old "wet blanket" on this issue. Well, tough shit. How can any sane, rational, thinking, caring human waste clean, safe water on such goddamn STUPIDITY while MILLIONS of their fellow humans do not even have access to safe, clean drinking water?
    Only in 'Merikkka. Goddamn 'Merikkka. Yeah, It IS the country of my birth, where I was dumb enough to enlist as a US Marine and go off to Vietnam, and, hell, I still live in 'Merikkka.


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