Sunday, 20 July 2014

Why I Cry

You ask me why I care
About things I cannot help
Why my eyes flow with tears
At injustice on the other side of the world –

You ask me why my heart bleeds
Since I can do nothing –
Since my words
My protests
Will mean nothing at all.

My answer is that I am human
I have compassion
For those who have nothing, robbed even of that nothing
Confined in chains.

And I have anger. A lot of anger
Burning bright.

Is that an answer? Do you want more?

I stand witness.
It will not always be so
The innocent will no longer be trodden down.

I can choose not to be
On the side of the villains of history.

Someday it will all change
And then, the few who stood fast
It will be because of them –
Not those who chose to forget
Or not to know at all.

But it will not be
Without the memories kept alive.
By the few who care.

That is why I cry.
Though you mock me
Though you discount my anger and my tears.

The chains will break and fall away
There will be no more need for tears.

Because of those who bleed
Because of those who have anger
Because of those who cry.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2014


  1. Beautiful and why I care and will care no matter what happens. I doubt I will live to see justice done to those who suffer, but I cannot quit caring.

  2. How can things go that terribly wrong? How can leaders of the nations dare to create such a disaster against humanity and certainly against the will of the people who empathize, no matter who the victims are? Why aren't there enough of us to rise up, with pitchforks in our hands, to chase them, the blood suckers, the exploiters, the liars and the politicians who serve them, into the hell, where they belong?

  3. If we no longer cry, we are doomed as a species. Perhaps we already are. But then there are always the good among us.


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