Friday 14 December 2012

Important Message From Mr Fakmit Uday

My dear friend,

Kindly forgive my indisposition for contacting you in such manner but I have ben looking for someone honest for making a business proposal and your name was suggested by a contact from your country who said you are a good and trustworthy person.

Let me introduct myself. My names are Mr Fakmit Uday, and I am working as midlevel executive in Al Ciada Security Services. Al Ciada is very big firm and performs security service for many clients including in European Union and Washington. Most recently we have been fulfilling big orders in Libya and Syria, fighting evil dictator Assad and setting up democracy.

Please understand that it is not being true that I am a terrorist. That is lying propaganda of regime. I am Al Ciada assistant commander and completely honest and reliable fellow.

Duyring one of recent actions in Syria, my Al Ciada unit captured building in Aleppo which had been headquarter of evil regime. In one room I found a trunk containing the Hugh sum of money, € 2,850,000 (Two million eight hundred and fifty thousand Euros only). This money was part of illegal fund of evil dictatorship of Assad, and three other of my men and I were only fellows who found trunk. No other fellow but me knows the trunk because I was only fellow who brought trunk out. It is confidential secret. (Alsoplease do not believe lies that I kill others who found trunk. It is all lies. They just vanished.)

After bringing out money I transferred it out of the country and then had it sent to security company in Timbuktu, Mali, where it is now at present in safe keeping of Ansar Dine Associates. However, I am not able to access this Hugh sum of money while I am working in Syria. Also I do not want Al Ciada to know about the money because then they will take it for their own use and buy drones with it.

So I suggest that I transfer the ownership of the trunk to your name and have it delivered to your address. Or if you wish you can go to Timbuktu and collect it yourself. Once it is in your country, I will pay you 40% of the amount, the remainder 55% will be for me, which you will invest in whatever good business is in your country, and 5% for incidental expenses. I am sure you will find this very beneficial offer.

Please do not be afraid that this is Nigerian scam. In first place I am not Nigerian. Also I am honest fellow and so this is not scam. I am sending photograph of myself so you can see I am real.

If you agree, please send me the following information by return email:

·         Your full names
·         Your age and sex
·         Your address including country address
·         Your phone number and email address
·         Your International Passport and driving licence
·         Your bank account number
·         Your specimen signature.

If you not agree, I will track you down and kill you.

With warm regards

Fakmit Uday.



  1. lol ... once again it should not be funny

  2. Now you need to start emailing this to random people! That's how Fakmit Uday is going to find some good and honest person to take him up on his offer!

    This is pretty much perfect.

  3. I've also found a similar mail in my mailbox...

  4. Greetings from Hong Kong.
    This one was lovely.
    Too Good. Keep it up

  5. Hilarious! I wish it hadn't taken me so long to get round to reading it!


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