Tuesday 10 April 2012

Tell Me

You are the Chosen, you have Dominion
Over bird and beast and the fowl of the air
You have Dominion over your brother.

You are the Chosen. You have divine sanction
You have Manifest Destiny; and you have fulfilled it.
Oh, how you have fulfilled it.

You can’t create, but you can destroy, you can kill
The leaf trembling with dew, you can poison
The mountain stream glittering in the sunshine

You can destroy the ancient cities sleeping in the evening sun.
You can burn forests down to ash, you can break the mountains down
You can devastate them all. You have Dominion.

With your guns and your bombs, your drones flying overhead
Your machines that rip the heart out of the earth
Your factories that belch poison in the name of profit

You can kill, you can destroy, you can rule what’s left
And talk about Freedom and Democracy
For you are Chosen, you have Dominion.

Which is to say, you rule over the crust
Of a ball of rock, and the shell of air around it.
Nothing more.

You do not rule over the moon, the planets, the sun,
The myriad of galaxies, the expanding Universe.
You have no control over Time and Space

And in the scheme of things, you are nothing.
You are less than nothing,
An eyeblink, and you’re gone, you’re
Less than a meteor flashing in the night.

Tell me:

What of your frontiers, your Eternal Borders
Which you say will last forever and a day
What will happen to them as continents move
When the oceans rise and mountains fall?

Tell me:

In five billion years hence
When the sun is a red giant, swollen red ball of helium fire
Earth burned to a cinder, the oceans dry, the air all gone
Where will you be? Can you turn the tide of entropy?

Tell me:

When the wheel of Time turns, and with it all of eternity
Where will be your Dominion then, your Freedom and Democracy
Where will be your Holy Profit, your One True God,
What will you do with your Eternal Wars?

Tell me

What will be left of you
After Dominion.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2012

1 comment:

  1. It seems the The Chosen are stumbling blind and deaf through their time, full of false pride...
    How can someone succeed, when the whole world hates him?


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