Saturday 11 February 2012

Guns Don't Kill People...

...say the gun owners.

I quite agree.

Guns don't kill people. People with guns, who...

1. point them at other people and pull triggers, thus causing bullets to impact said people causing lethal damage to their neurological and/or vascular systems, or

2. hit them over the head hard enough with the butt to cause unsurvivable cerebral trauma, including skull fractures, subdural haemorrhages and concussion

...kill people.


  1. There are times when REAL men need to just, you know, go out and blow off some steam.

    If bad things result, it's just a sad side effect of all that freedom.

  2. What Katy said...

    But really. It's hard for a foreigner to understand; this Second Amendment thingy. It's all wrapped up in our history, you see, and the Founders, who deemed it Right and Proper that we all have the right to shoot Indians (our kind, not your relatives), and when that began to wane as entertainment, each other.

    It's an American tradition. I used to engage in it; the whole ritual of Gun Ownership, until I realized that I was perpetuating a problem, and that I really didn't need my firearm collection (any more than I needed my first-edition Hemingways).

    So, now, I no longer ventilate paper targets.

    As to the guy in the photo? He's like several million other American assholes, secure in the knowledge that No Matter What Happens, the wide-screen TV in the trailer will be safe....


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