Monday 14 November 2011

3:25 am

You know the yearning. For something
You could never name, but you seek
Wordlessly. The touch of grass on bare skin on a summer day, the tickle of wind in your hair, perhaps
Or something else. Something less, something more.

Call it peace you want. Evanescent maybe,
As the streak of a meteor in a moonless sky
But living on in memory. What does time matter
If something can transcend it? Why should we chain ourselves?

Once long ago, when my world was new
I fell. The ground was hard, the pain bright as the sun
But it faded. Like other things
I did not care to hold on to. Maybe it was a mistake to let go of them. Maybe it's the pain that a restless mind seeks?

Ten thousand years from now, when we're dead, when all we know is gone
A girl in a cave,clad in skins, may lie awake, thinking the same thoughts. Yearning the same
And impossible, as to catch a falling star.

That does not mean the meteor burns
Meaningless, not as long
As someone dreams, somewhere.


  1. I read a Christian book once in which man's yearning for something beyond his current condition was used as proof that God exists.

    I don't buy that.

    But people in that pure state of wonder and awe and longing are pretty amazing.


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