Monday, 31 October 2011

I am, of course, a proud liberal Obama-hater...

...who considers him a war-criminal and mass-murderer. And I hope he will pay the ultimate penalty for his crimes someday (I'd happily suspend my opposition to the death penalty for the likes of him and Killary Klinton).

However, I would not like to see Obama dance at the end of a Nuremberg-type rope. That's so...unoriginal and unaesthetic. Besides, it would hurt the legions of people who still, somehow, continue to worship at his altar.

Like, literally, yo.
And also... would insult the rope.

So, hanging is not an option. No. Shooting him would make him a martyr. A drone strike would be poetic justice, but arranging for one might be problematic without  hurting innocents in the vicinity.

Not that Obama cares about innocents.

Therefore, I'd like to suggest an alternate fate for the Nobble Piss Prizident. One that would preserve his Messiah status in the eyes of his acolytes, and still be final (and agonising) enough to satisfy those of us who prefer to see him pay in concrete terms for his crimes against the people of the world.

So, here's what:

Crucify him. 

But not as prettily as this

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