Thursday, 3 November 2016

200Iraq A Spaced Out Odyssey

Before I begin, I’d like to emphasise these two things:

First, that I am not at all interested in American internal politics. However, since the Imperialist States of Amerikastan thinks it owns the world, and acts accordingly, its foreign policy is of extraordinary interest to everyone.

Secondly, that the following is purely speculation, not necessarily a forecast.

Also, it is contingent on the following assumptions:

First, that the American elections will actually be “free and fair”, that is, the vote will not be fixed or manipulated in any way. This is, of course, an absurd assumption, but we will make it anyway.

Secondly, that the actual prognostications of Killary Klingon’s team regarding her vote expectations  – not the rent-a-poll rubbish on the media, but her actual support – are much worse than publicly stated, and are dropping further by the day. This is more than likely.

Third, that Trump is a genuine candidate, who is actually interested in winning, and not a dummy candidate whose primary purpose is to act as a Greater Evil to scare fence-sitters into voting for the Klingon. This is a very murky assumption, given the history of Amerikastani presidential elections, but let’s assume it for the sake of argument.

If we make these assumptions, we can see a scenario where Trump may actually win the election, which will, assuming he keeps his word to disengage from the Empire, be a disaster for Killary’s owners in the military industrial complex and Wall Street. At the very least a Trump victory will mean huge short term stock market losses for the War Industry, Amerikastan’s only export now.

As such, the effort will be on to sabotage any chances that Trump might have.

How can this be done?

Enter the Russian card.

As we all know, the Imperialist States of Amerikastan is squaring up to a confrontation with Russia, and the Obama regime has all but officially accused Trump of being a “Russian agent” – while Killary Klingon herself has accused the (democratically elected and immensely popular) President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, of being “Hitler”. Persistent attempts to link Trump to Putin have had little impact outside the True Believers who would vote for Killary anyway, and are becoming more frantic and more easily debunked by the day.

But where innuendo, slander, and calumny don’t work, a war easily might.

Where can this war happen? Not in the Baltics, where, despite all the hysterical foaming at the mouth of the Western media, there is zero chance of any Russian invasion. Russia doesn’t want the dystopic, EU-gutted, fascist slagheaps of the Baltics anyway.

The second possibility is Ukraine, but the time frame is far too short for Poroshenko’s Ukranazi gangs and his farcical NATO-trained “army” to make any headway at all before the election. A Ukrainian war would require the Ukranazis to launch an offensive, be defeated, and then NATO to accuse Russia of yet another invisible “invasion” that defeated this offensive. Besides, it would not involve a direct confrontation between Amerikastani forces and Russia, which is essential for the purposes of this necessary war.

The third possibility is the most interesting one: Syria.

As everyone is aware, America is fully on the side of the cannibal jihadi headhunters infesting that unhappy country, and very recently, Killary Klingon herself repeated that her priority remains the overthrow of the legitimate government of President Bashar al Assad. As everyone also knows, Russia is involved in Syria, with Russian forces present in the air, on the ground, and on ships offshore, and that Russia has deployed the latest version of the S 300 and the S 400 anti aircraft/missile missiles there in order to guard against any “accidental” attack on Russian or Syrian forces, like the “accidental” American bombing on Syrian forces in Deir Azzor recently, in effect acting as ISIS’ air force.

Then there is the battle for Aleppo, which in the Westernaganda has been built up to be a “brutal massacre” by the “regime” and the Russians of innocent freedom-loving civilians, who are being “starved” and who must be “rescued” by all means. As of this writing, a massive offensive by jihadi cannibals, led by al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, the Jabhat al Nusra, is still on to try and break the siege, but has largely been beaten and has not successfully broken through at any point. That the cannibals are al Qaeda and affiliated jihadis is of no importance to the Westernaganda; fifteen years after 11/9, al Qaeda is 100% rehabilitated as far as the Imperialist States of Amerikastan is concerned.

So here is my speculative prediction:

Before the end of this week, the US Air Force will launch a series of air strikes against Syrian troops in Aleppo, and claim that these are necessary to “save” the people of East Aleppo from “evil regime and Russian brutality”. Russian surface to air missile batteries, which have already threatened to take action against any air attack, will retaliate – there will be no option but to retaliate, since Russian special forces are also on the ground around Aleppo, and will be under threat – and more likely than not will shoot down multiple Amerikastani planes. And, voila, the Imperialist States will accuse Russia of “aggression”, and push to as close to a war as possible without actually launching nuclear missiles. Killary, who’s the Establishment Candidate, will pose as the Defender of the Homeland, and Trump will become the Evil Russian Puppet Traitor. The subterfuge won’t last long, of course, before it’s exposed, but it won’t have to, just till 8th November. Once the Klingon’s ascension to the throne is guaranteed, Amerikastan can get right down to preparing for World War III.

Of course, this speculation of mine gives rise to two obvious questions:

First, can any American government deliberately put its troops’ lives at risk for merely electoral purposes?

Well...just for one teeny example, back in early 2003 George W Bush was looking for some excuse to secure UN approval to invade Iraq – this was before he decided to ignore the UN and invade anyway. Then he was planning to fly Amerikastani U2 spy planes painted in UN colours over Iraq, in the hope that Saddam Hussein’s forces would shoot one down, thereby violating UN resolutions and giving a formal excuse for an invasion. I’m sure the pilots of those U2s would have been appropriately grateful for the honour being done them, wouldn’t they?

The second question is, would the American liberal public fall for such an obvious trick?

To that I have only one response, this cartoon:

There is nothing more despicable and hypocritical on earth than the Amerikastani liberal.


  1. I loathe both candidates.

    Despite Mr. Trump's claims to be focused on staying out of the affairs of the rest of the world, though, he has also promised to "bomb the shit" out of ISIS and get rid of them immediately, something that presumably would involve NOT saying out of the affairs of other nations.

    He has also insisted that he would bomb Iran if another Iranian soldier dares to flip the middle finger at one of our ships.

    With Trump, of course, it would be a question of who his foreign policy team ended up actually being once he got sworn in.

    My guess? It would be largely that same sort of person from that same sort of military industrial class that has rules our foreign policy during Obama, and Bush 2, and Clinton 1, and Bush 1, etc. In fact, it would probably be some of the exact same people.

    I voted already. Thought about skipping the Presidential race altogether, but then voted for an alternative party because a) they need a certain % to stay on the ballot, and b) that lesser evil talk irritated me enough to vote for a "spoiler".

  2. The only problem with your scenario is timing. The voting starts in a few hours. The US is bombing Mosul and Raqqah, in support of Iraqi forces in Mosul and in support of Kurds in Syria.

    Not much can happen between now and tomorrow night (Wednesday morning in India).

    The only news is that NATO sent 4,000 troops to the Baltics, saying a Russian invasion might be imminent. Enough to swing the US election? Possibly.

    Nothing but bombing Raqqah in Syria, not anything that will provoke the Russians.

    And I think Clinton and Obama trust the polls. The US hasn't had an upset since 1948, and the polls say Clinton is ahead by 2 points, with a margin of error of 0.6 points.

    Jon Stone writes that most Russians hate Putin and fear his war crimes in Syria will force the US to wage war on Russia, a war Russia is sure to lose. Great reporting! All the US/UK/EU press agree that Russia's war crimes will probably force the West to act, and the war will be entirely Russia's fault, and Russia will be defeated quickly, easily, and cheaply.

    As the Chinese say, 'Interesting times.'


  3. Today's news says that nothing will come of Obama's attacks on Mosul and Raqqa. They were to generate the kind of news that might help Secretary Clinton become President Clinton. Nothing more. Nothing will happen in Mosul or Raqqa before Obama leaves office.

    But, on 20 Jan, Secretary Clinton has promised she'll issue an ultimatum to Russia. She only wants peace, and if Russia complies unconditionally, we will have peace. If Russia does not comply unconditionally, it will mean war, and the war will be entirely Russia's fault, since President Clinton only wanted peace.



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