Tuesday 8 November 2016

A Vote Brighter Than A Million Suns


  1. It took me awhile to figure out this cartoon, which is spot on. Hillary has promised war with Russia unless Putin backs down completely. The US/UK/EU press says that, if Putin does not back down, the war, which he will lose with not a single US/UK/EU casualty, will be entirely his fault.

    I learned the US version of history, where all of Euroasia had been conquered by the Axis, and the US cavalry rode to the rescue and single-handedly liberated all of Eurasia.

    Then I learned that the USSR had 10 times as many divisions as the US, and was the main force liberating Eurasia from the Nazis. And was probably the reason the Japanese surrendered, rather than the US nuclear bombs.

    Of course, the official US history must be right, since the true story of George and the cherry tree proves that the US government never lies.


  2. 3 quibbles:

    1) The only think he could not change was the mark of the oil

    2) the merchant caught hold of the end of the turban and dragged himself up the wall until he managed to reach the window an squeezed through it into the room.

    3) wrapping the stonet round and round with folds of cloth until its white light was fully hidden from view.



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