Sunday, 18 September 2016

Wings In The SkISIS

Yesterday, the Imperialist States of Amerikastan finally gave up the pretence of fighting ISIS.

Not that this was much of a pretence. After all, in 2015, ISIS drove unmolested over empty desert from the Syria-Iraq border to take the city of Palmyra, without the Amerikastani air force – supposedly bombing ISIS for a year by then – anywhere to be seen. And Amerikastan’s desperate attempts to succour the blood soaked mass murdering monster Barack Hussein Obama’s  pet cannibals in Aleppo have been all over the news for a while.

But all this time, the Imperialist States of Amerikastan still maintained the fiction that it was, somehow, fighting ISIS. It was arming and training jihadi cannibals who promptly defected to ISIS, it was falling over itself looking the other way while jihadis streamed to ISIStan, but it, unlike the Turks or the Zionazi pseudostate, hadn’t actively launched air strikes in support of ISIS and al Qaeda. That changed yesterday.

Deir Azzor is one of the very few places in Eastern Syria still holding out against ISIS. It’s been holding out for over four years now, and the commander of the forces there, Syrian Army general Issam Zahreddine – who’s a Druze, by the way, not an Arab or even a Muslim – is quite a hero to those of us who are aware of the situation.

In this photo below, Issam Zahreddine is the bearded man on the right. The one on the left is Syrian Air Force colonel Ali Hamza Asaad. The name Asaad is Sunni, not the Alawite Assad, by the way; tell me again how the “regime” of President Bashar Assad is a "sectarian Alawite dictatorship”:

For four years, ISIS has been battering at the gates of Deir Azzor, unable to take the town, mostly because of air strikes carried out by the Syrian Air Force from the airfield, which in turn is protected by Syrian Army artillery and armour units. Retaining Deir Azzor, basically, meant retaining Eastern Syria for the Syrian government. For ISIS, this was an intolerable situation, and obviously it was for the mass murdering mulatto monster in Washington as well.

Yesterday, while a truce was allegedly in effect in Syria, Amerikastani aeroplanes launched a series of air strikes against Syrian Army positions at Deir Azzor, killing, at the time of writing, 90 Syrian soldiers and wounding over a hundred. As of today, Australia admitted that its aircraft, too, had taken part in this attack, which apparently came as a surprise to Australian citizens who hadn’t been aware that their government had been engaged in another imperialist war on behalf of their current colonial overlord.

The attack followed the usual pattern of Amerikastani strikes – first on the target, and then on rescuers trying to help the victims of the first strikes. This is a technique originated by the Brutish in WWII, when bombing raids on German cities were timed so the second wave would arrive just as the firemen, ambulance crew, and air raid wardens were busy rescuing the victims of the first wave. It’s also the tactic used by the blood soaked war criminal Barack Hussein Obama’s drones, where rescuers trying to help the victims of his killer robots are targeted by another "double tap" strike.

According to the Amerikastani Central Command (CENTCOM),

...the Syrian troops were all “out in the open” at the base, and they also destroyed six military APCs and one tank. They reported they were “watching” the Syrian Army base for days before the attacks, figuring everyone there was ISIS.[Source]

This is certainly possible. It is absolutely possible that Amerikastani spy satellites and spy planes, which allegedly can photograph individual soldiers, somehow missed the very easily recognisable Syrian Army uniforms, not to speak of the Syrian flag, flying over the base.

No, wait! I get it now. It was all Putin’s fault! He used his vanishing ray, which he used to conceal all those hundreds of invisible Russian invasions of Ukraine, to make the Syrian flags and uniforms disappear! Whew! All’s right with the world again!

Just as though it knew the air strike was about to happen, exactly seven minutes after the bombing was over, ISIS followed up with a ground attack, which successfully captured the strategic Al Thadah mountain, bringing it much closer to the airport. Read that again: ISIS attacked seven minutes after the air raid was over. Either ISIS can plan, organise, and launch an offensive in seven minutes, in which case we might as well all sign the unconditional surrender right now, or...

...or, ISIS knew the air raid was coming. Either Allah told them about it, or...

...or they were tipped off by the people who conducted the attack.

Can anyone think of another explanation?

If ISIS can interdict the airport, stopping planes from taking off, there’s no chance of Syria's retaining Deir Azzor. And as for interdicting that airport, remember Colonel Asaad in the photo above? He was killed today when his Sukhoi 22 fighter was shot down by ISIS, probably using one of the surface to air missiles the war criminal Killary Klingon smuggled to the jihadis from Libya via Turkey. I shall be charitable and not assume it was a missile directly supplied by the blood soaked war criminal Barack Hussein Obama to his pet moderate cannibal headhunters in recent days. [Fortunately, the Syrian Army counterattacked and took back the mountain.]

Please tell me again how this was supposed to be a “mistaken” strike on the part of the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, and how ISIS is an enemy of America rather than a tool and ally.

Not surprisingly, Russia reacted less than happily, finally openly stating that Amerikastan is aiding ISIS, and convened a Security Council meeting on the attack. Equally not surprisingly, the Amerikastani UN “ambassador”, Samantha Powell, condemned...Russia. It has “blood on its hands,” she said.

Not enough blood, I’d say, or Amerikastan wouldn’t have any jihadis left to patronise.

Russia has resumed bombing the mendacious messiah of massacre and mayhem Barack Hussein Obama’s pet cannibals in Aleppo, finally abandoning the farcical “ceasefire”, which, of course, will bring outraged howls of hate from the usual sources. Not that it matters, since the die is cast.

By the way, if Amerikastan thinks ISIS will be grateful to it for this air strike, it has a shock coming. ISIS is grateful to nothing and nobody bar itself.

I have a strong suspicion that one of the reasons for this strike was to provoke a confrontation between the mass murdering monster’s military minions and Russia, simply to influence the course of the Amerikastani elections. As we all know, the Anointed of Wall Street, Killary Klingon, isn’t doing so well in the opinion polls. Far from being a smooth path to the White House, she might, and this is a horrible thought, actually fall by the wayside. The War Criminal is flailing about in desperation, and since her tame media has already painted Trump as a “Russian agent”, a war scare would really come in handy to win the White House.

Of course, it might also trigger a world war, but what does Killary the Killer care about that?


I would have drawn a cartoon on this subject, but my desktop is in for repair. So I settled for creating a meme instead:

Serious questionHow can people who opposed George W Bush's war crimes but embrace those of Barack Hussein Obama live with themselves?


  1. Bill,
    Damn god question you end with. The (ig)Nobel piece prizident is much worse than lil' Shrub was. Imagine being an American, a former US Marine/Vietnam war vet and saying that. Yeah, damn near impossible isn't it? Well, maybe impossible IF you have been asleep since Gobomber was elected the first time or if you are brain dead.
    One extra comment. I saw on two different web sites today, 18 September, that this vile prizident says he will take it as a "personal insult" if Black voters do NOT vote for Killary. I can say with 100% honesty that if I were a Black person living in this 'Merikkka, I'd vote for anybody except Killary. The hubris of these creatures seems to have no bounds. Of course the absolute stupidity of so many 'Merikkkans also has no apparent lower limits. Every time I think I have seen the ultimate in stupid, some damn fool comes along and drops the bar even lower.
    Vietnam made me ashamed to be an American, what has happened to this country since then has just deepened my shame. I'm too old and broke to even consider trying to move to and live elsewhere now. Where could I go any way? Possibly Russia, they seem to have real human beings doing some good for that country. No doubt Killary will "have" to start a war with Russia. Any bets she has the plans already set for it?
    Yes, I am getting ever more cynical with every new day.
    Take care of yourself old friend and please keep writing.

  2. Bill,

    Many thanks for this. I hadn't seen it before I read your blog, so I got the details, and they're just as you write.

    The government of Syria, sorry the evil regime brutally murdering innocent Syrians, is Baathist, which meant it could deal with the USSR, while Salafi Muslims could not. Now that Russia is very weak, the alliance between Iraq and Russia and between Syria and Russia must be severed, and all Russian military assets replaced with honest, democratic, free American military assets in the interest of democracy, freedom, and peace.


  3. As I was looking for more information, I found

    which has the official Samantha Powers reply, that it was all the fault of the evil Syrian and Russian regimes that use double-tap, something the always-fighting-for-the-forces-of-good US only does against the evil enemies of peace, democracy, and freedom, but the evil Russians and Syrians do against innocent, peaceful, unarmed, protesters. And she also explains that all the chemical attacks were by the evil Syrian and Russian regimes. Those lab reports that the chemical weapons originated in Libya and were sent to the peaceful, unarmed protesters by the US Ambassador to Libya are all conducted by evil Mad Scientists and must NOT be believed.


  4. Oh nuts, I need to start proof reading my comments before I hit the publish button. I meant to say you ended with a damn GOOD question, not god, or as I call that critter, doG.
    Well, I am old and physically disabled, must be starting to affect what little brain I have……LOL. I'll try to not make the same mistake again.

  5. You always make me seek out better news sources than are readily available to me. Thanks.

  6. Update: Now Britain admitted that it too attacked the Syrian Army at Deir Azzor.

    So let's see, America, Australia, Denmark and Britain all took part in this "mistake"? How many planes did each contribute, equal shares? Was there any country at all who *didn't* participate in it?

    In fact, I do not believe this. It simply does not add up.

    According to the Russians and Syrians, 4 planes - two F16s and two A10s - took part in this attack. The Australians out of the blue claimed two of the planes were theirs. The Danes then claimed to be involved too. Now the Brits as well. How much did each contribute, half a plane? 1/4? I'm convinced that it was America alone which carried out the strike and the vassals are throwing themselves on their swords to try and dilute the blame.

    Remember how America claimed after the 2003 Iraq invasion fell apart that it wasn't its fault because it's "coalition" was involved? We're seeing the same thing here.

    Oh, and for the first time ever, ISIS has just started heavily shelling the Deir Azzor airfield. Until the air support they got yesterday, they weren't in artillery range of it. Unless the SAA can restore the position, Deir Azzor (population 250000) and Eastern Syria are lost.


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