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Friday, 15 August 2014

Nothing But The Tooth

My state dental association asked me to draw a cartoon for the annual magazine. So here you are.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2014 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

An Icon For Obama

I used to be a fan of GB Trudeau and Doonesbury. But that was a while ago.

Over the last four years, I’ve slowly fallen away from the ranks of the admirers of the strip, basically due to Trudeau’s fairly open and total fealty to the Cult of the Messiah-cum-Nobel Peace Prizident.

It was quite explicit in the run-up to the recent US election, where Trudeau spent a lot of time condemning the opposition, to the point where even his loyal readers began fidgeting. And to this day, I can’t recall any instances of his directing his well-known satire at the current incumbent of the White House.

It’s also kind of strange that Trudeau – after four full years – is yet to select an icon for Obama. After all, he’s drawn an icon for every one of the US presidents since George H W Bush, who appeared as a point of light. Bush the Second began as a cowboy hat, morphed into a plumed Roman helmet with the invasion of Iraq, and became progressively more battered as the Iraq war went south. 

Even that [sarcasm] great enlightened humanitarian [/sarcasm] Democrat Bill Clinton got drawn as a waffle. Sundry other American politicos became feathers, bombs and so on.

Not Obama, though. He’s only depicted as a voice floating over exterior shots of the White House. According to Trudeau, Obama is “difficult” to choose an icon for.

Well, as a public-spirited effort, let me try and help him out.

My first suggestion, since Obama is an object of worship to millions of Americans, is a halo. Like this:

But not only Americans read Doonesbury. To the rest of the world, the Messiah Obama is better represented by a stylised drone, like this:

Logically, then, we can satisfy everyone with a drone wearing a halo. A nice, friendly, smiling drone with a halo. Like this:

Well, that looks good. But something is missing. Hmmm...what can it be? What?

Ah, I think we have it now:

You’re welcome.