Monday, 31 October 2016


 Once I walked these streets in the evening
As moonlight came sifting slow
With you, hand in hand.
The perfume of the night heavy in the air
The perfume of each other in our hearts.

Once we dreamt of the future together
And told each other how it would be.

That was then, before the storm
Before the future ended in an eternal now
Of destruction.

Now I lie in a ruined building,
Looking out over a ruined street,
Looking out over ruined lives,
My rifle in my hand, my eye on the scope,

For more lives to ruin.

There, behind the destroyed wall
Movement, a furtive scuffle,
My finger squeezes,
The movement ends.
My finger, my rifle, hate movement.

Your fingers, gesturing in the air
In the summer night
Like a dancer’s feet

There is no weaving to be done now
Just unravelling.

Perhaps it was you that moved in my scope
Perhaps it was I who moved in yours.

We both moved in someone’s scope,
On a summer night not so long ago

I, you
You, me
Broken all symmetry
Who could have known dancing fingers in the night
Could weave a world so strange?

Copyright B Purkayastha 2016


  1. Outstanding!

    I read Fisk, who is reporting from West Aleppo. I also watch the BBC, which reports from East Aleppo where the brave freedom fighters are doing their best to liberate all of Syria from the evil Syrian, Russian, and Iranian regimes, and are having great success, while suffering from barbarous war crimes by those 3 evil regimes.

    The only goal of the freedom fighters is to cleanse Syria of the filth perpetrated on Syria by the three evil regimes: i.e., infidels, apostates, heretics, adulteresses, blasphemers, and pagan shrines, and, with the support of the US/UK/EU/Saudi/Qatar/Turkey, every decent US/UK/EU resident must be sure that these freedom fighters will succeed.

    And President Clinton will be much more supportive of the brave freedom fighters than Obama ever was.


  2. Excellent poem, though find it so sad that life can so easily disposable'


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