Monday, 30 March 2020

Lockdown in Moronavirustan

Note: This is a follow up to my previous article on COVID-19, the famed Coronavirus. If you have not yet read it, you can do so here.

There is a famous dictum in crime detection: cui bono? Who benefits? Real life crimes are usually nothing like Agatha Christie whodunits, with incredibly complex plots laid far in advance and the least likely person axiomatically the villain. Real life criminal behaviour is more often like the mugger who waits in a dark alley and attacks anyone alone and vulnerable-looking who happens to come by. Making use of opportunity, as it were.

This applies to criminals on the individual level. It applies to criminal activity in and by corporate entities. It applies in the governments owned by said corporate entities. It applies to the behaviour of entire criminal countries.

It even applies to the mechanism of action of that famous virus owing to fear of which half the planet is hiding under their beds, COVID-19.

You don’t understand? I will be happy to explain.

Most people, unless afflicted by some rather rare conditions, have a defence mechanism in their bodies known as the immune system. This isn’t a place to go into the mechanics of the immune system, but basically it is meant to repel the trillions of microorganisms that populate the world around, on, and in, every single one of our bodies. Yes, you are crawling with microorganisms: bacteria swarm over your skin and in your mouth and intestines, protozoa crawl around the crevices of your gums, tiny mites burrow in your eyelash and hair follicles, eating the oil your skin produces, and, yes, there are viruses. Viruses are everywhere.

A bit about viruses and immune systems:

For the benefit of everyone, let me repeat exactly how a virus works. There is a lot of controversy over whether a virus is a living thing or otherwise; one school of opinion holds that since it is totally inactive outside a living cell, a virus should be called a “particle”, not an organism. Nor does it display most of the typical activities of living organisms, in that it does not ingest food or drink, metabolise, or excrete. But it does one thing in common with all living organisms: it reproduces. Oh, how it reproduces.

Here is a schematic of a typical virus: it basically consists of a core of genetic material, which may be DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protein capsule, which may or may not be, depending on type, covered in turn by a lipid (oil) coat. As they say, quite correctly, a chicken is an egg’s way of crating another egg; in viruses, the “chicken” part has been dispensed with and the virus’ existence consists entirely of reproducing its genetic core of DNA or RNA.

This is an influenza virus, but COVID-19 is almost exactly the same.

In “normal” living things, here is how reproduction works: the organism in question absorbs enough nutrients – whether from food, sucking up nutrients from the soil, or absorption from a host organism is immaterial – until enough material and energy have been built up that it can expend some of that material and energy into creating another organism. Whether it does so by splitting like a bacterium or amoeba, or puts forth buds like a hydra, or pollen and ova like a plant, or mycelia like a fungus, or indeed sperm and ova like so-called higher animals is immaterial; the process involves the organism using its own stored body mass and energy in reproducing itself.

Viruses do no such thing. What they do is invade a cell, breaking through its cell wall or membrane, and then hijack the cell’s own genetic material – a DNA virus the DNA, an RNA virus the RNA – and set it to creating copies of the virus’ own genes. This means that parts of the cell’s genetic material is cut and spliced into the new viral genetic cores, which are then surrounded by proteins and lipids also taken from the cell and used to cover the new cores. Then, when all this is done, the new viruses, or if you would prefer, viral particles, burst out of the cell and set out to find new cells, where they repeat the whole process over again, from the start. Therefore the viruses are born full grown and they only exist in the complete viral shape until they can find another cell and start reproducing themselves again. The majority of viruses, incidentally, are RNA viruses.

All clear so far?

Now, normal microorganisms in a body, like bacteria or protozoa, face a constant running battle with the host’s immune system. A malarial parasite, for example, has evolved fascinating mechanisms to hide from the host’s immune response, which is a considerable feat because the immune system is both extremely active and highly effective. However, immune systems have more difficulties dealing with viruses than with bacteria and protozoa, first, because they are very small, and, secondly, because they tend to hide inside the host’s own cells. This, while most bacterial and protozoal invasions are eliminated before they can actually do any harm, viruses much more often manage to start an infection. Thereafter, the body’s (I am talking of a host that’s an animal here, with the ability to control its body temperature, an ability restricted to birds and mammals) immune system’s response to an infection tends to comprise two things. First, it tries to make the body’s environment as hostile to the infectious agent as possible, by raising the body’s temperature beyond the level the virus can tolerate; this is known as a fever. Secondly, if the infection affects the respiratory system or digestive system, the body also attempts to flush the infective agent out. In the gut this normally results in diarrhoea. In the respiratory system this results in the production of liquid secretions in copious quantities – phlegm or mucus – which is then expelled in the form of sneezing and coughing.

Fever, sneezing and these symptoms sound familiar? They should, unless you’ve never had a cold in your life, or a bout of influenza, or known anyone who has.

So, to recapitulate so far: viruses exist to copy themselves, they copy themselves inside a host cell, and the body’s immune system attempts to get rid of them by throwing them out, apart from raising the temperature to a fever.

So, once the immune system begins working, most viral infections are eventually eliminated. Some, like rabies, are almost invariably fatal, but we aren’t concerned with them here. And because the immune system doesn’t want to have to do the work all over again, it attempts to create something called antibodies.  

What are antibodies? In a science fiction novel (I don’t remember the name) I read long, long ago, the protagonist, whose name was Carmody if I’m not mistaken, finds himself transferred to a series of parallel universes, in each of which there appears, soon after his own appearance, a predator “with claws shaped to seize nothing but Carmodys, with jaws adapted to eat nothing but Carmodys, whose entire existence is dedicated to restoring the balance by eliminating Carmodys.” Only in his own universe, assuming he can find it, can Carmody be free of this uniquely-shaped Carmody-eating predator. Similarly, antibodies are the host’s immune system’s response to the virus it has already encountered; each antibody is tailored to the form and chemical composition of the invading virus’ outer coat (the inner genetic core being inaccessible). The antibody will seize the virus it is designed for, and only the virus it is designed for, and eliminate it before it can enter a cell and start making new viruses. If another virus enters, this antibody is as helpless as the Carmody-predator would be if a Purkayastha entered its parallel universe. It’s able to eat Carmodys, it can’t do a thing to Purkayasthas. The parallel universe needs to develop a Purkayastha-predator for that.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself why I have written this long rigmarole. You’ll soon find out.

Now, suppose we have a healthy person who’s youngish, fairly strong, and reasonably medically fit; even if he (or she, or any of the 12345 other gender pronouns the liberals babble about, let’s just assume we’re talking about all of them here) has an infection that makes it past his immune system at the start, he is likely to be robust enough to survive the disease. If he is infected with only a few individual viruses, rather than a mass of them all at once, he will only get a few cells infected by those viruses at the start, which will then infect another (larger number but still relatively) few cells, and therefore his infection will be slow to develop and spread. This will in turn give his immune system time to organise, recognise the disease, and take defensive measures. Imagine a situation where an entire unit of ISIS terrorists storms a building, overwhelming the guards and massacring everyone they can find. Compare it to a situation where a single psycho with a gun infiltrates the building, and moves along the passages, shooting people one by one and tracked on CCTV. The rest of the building can be evacuated, said psychopath isolated and eliminated before too much damage is done. The situation is exactly the same.

However, if your building is not of sound construction; if years of wear and tear and neglect have weakened the supports, crumbled load bearing walls, clogged the sprinklers, shorted out the CCTV, and made the fire escapes inaccessible and unusable – why, then, the intruder can hide in disused rooms, bypass the police sent to flush him out, and, if he’s well armed enough, say if he’s wearing a suicide vest – he can bring down the building itself with a well-timed explosion. Then you don’t need an entire ISIS unit to destroy the building – one man can do it just as well. Even grenades used by the security forces to eliminate that one man can bring down the building around their ears.

Similarly, if a virus infects a person with a sound immune system, it’s likely that he’ll be able to live through it; if few enough viruses infect him he may not even realise he’s infected. This is known as a subclinical or asymptomatic infection. Such infections are extremely well known, and not just among viruses; the infamous Typhoid Mary was a cook who, while herself never suffering the slightest symptom, was a lifelong carrier of the typhoid bacterium and inadvertently killed several people who employed her by giving them typhoid. However, if he has other medical problems, or if his immune system is malfunctioning – for instance if he’s got HIV or if he’s an organ transplant patient and is on immunosuppressive drugs as a consequence – even a few viruses can spread sufficiently to kill him.

Now what inevitable physical transformation tends to load the body with a list of debilitating health disorders? What leads to a steady deterioration of function of most organs? Right, it’s the phenomenon of ageing. The human body is now living well beyond – two to three times beyond – the span it would realistically survive in nature. It’s simply not evolved to function as well after the reproductive years are over as it would during them; genetically speaking, anyone not able to reproduce is dead. Therefore someone at 80 years of age is much weaker, health-wise, than someone at 30 or 40. Someone at 80 has a body that’s in the same state as that building brought down by one terrorist with a suicide vest.

It is absolutely not a coincidence that the mean age of death of the dead in Italy – allegedly the world centre of COVID-19 infections now – is just over 80. It is exactly what would be expected of a virus that finds a weakened and debilitated victim and therefore can take full advantage, as compared to one faced with a much tougher opponent.

Think back again to the mugger in the dark alley, faced with two potential targets. One’s a bodybuilder, the other a pensioner with a limp. Who is he more likely to attack successfully?

Like a mugger, viruses find greater success when they attack a weaker victim. And since there are many more viruses than muggers, if they attack enough victims in a short period, they can cause a significant amount of damage overall just by the success of their efforts in the bodies of ageing and debilitated individuals. It’s like our ISIS terrorist unit spreading out to attack multiple buildings instead of just one, with one or two to each building. Most of them will do minimal damage, but enough will find debilitated constructions that are on their last legs to cause more widespread devastation than they would have if they’d just assaulted one single building. And if they are in a city with many old buildings, their chances of success are that much the greater.

Is it clear now why the ageing societies of countries like Italy and Spain, with a greying population and a high number of retirees, have a far higher death rate than countries with younger populations from this epidemic? Is it possible to understand that the virus doesn’t actually even have to kill anyone directly, just overload their bodies’ ability to resist so that the other problems – such as the building’s weakened support beams, broken load bearing walls, and non-functional sprinkler systems – are enough to bring it down?

In fact, according to the Italians’ own figures, the average age of the dead in this current epidemic is 80.5 years. At that age, literally any infection is enough to kill you. You don’t need COVID-19 to do that. Not only this, the Italians’ own figures also say that as many as 99% of the dead had one or more pre-existing medical conditions, and, what’s even more interesting, 88% of them died from other illnesses, with COVID-19 only being among those present. In other words, they died with COVID-19, not of COVID-19. 

Also, the actual number of infections from COVID-19 is almost certainly many, many times higher than the official figure, simply because most people who are invaded by only a few viruses, or are in good health, or both, never notice it. That also means the actual death rate is infinitely lower than the official figure. The actual death rate from COVID-19 in Wuhan, the alleged epicentre, was a shockingly high 0.12%!

But if you read and listen to the so-called mainstream media, you won’t ever hear about this.

And that brings me to the main problem.

Crime and Opportunity: the viral model of criminal governance:

Let me say this and get it over with: most governments in the world today act exactly like viruses. They – and, more importantly, the corporate interests that own them – are constantly on the lookout for what they can get away with, and they constantly exploit any opportunities that they can find to increase their control, and, more importantly, their profits. And, whenever possible, they exploit their populations’ energy, money, and property to achieve their goals, rather than pay for these from their own wealth.

Therefore, whatever they may claim, the current COVID-19 pandemic represents, to governments and corporate interests, not so much a threat as an opportunity – one that they are going to exploit for all it’s worth. Please keep this in mind when you hear any official pronouncement on this virus; unless the pronouncement is from an internationally renowned microbiologist, you can be certain that it’s designed to help someone, somewhere, make a profit.

Let’s talk about vaccines, which seem to be the big subject right now. To understand what a vaccine is and does, you’ll have to hark back to what I said about how a virus reproduces, and the antibodies the immune system creates. Vaccines are, basically, artificially produced antibodies, introduced into the body in the hope that if and when the body is attacked by the organism the antibody is matched to, the antibody will already be there and the infective agent will be eliminated before it can do any harm. No – no! – a vaccine does not, and cannot, cure anything. It can only prevent disease if the vaccinated person is subsequently attacked by the particular agent the vaccine is meant for. If you will, it’s as though the Carmody-predator is already present in a parallel universe before Carmody pops into it, so that its Carmody-shaped jaws can swallow him in a gulp immediately. But this only works if Carmody is still Carmody; if he changes into someone else while jumping universes, the Carmody-predator can’t touch him.

Have you ever copied out a page from a book or newspaper? If you have, chances are that you’ve made a couple of mistakes. Minor mistakes, perhaps, but mistakes. If you’ve copied out a larger text, say a chapter, the chances of your making a mistake is much greater. If you’ve copied the whole book, you’ve almost certainly made numerous mistakes. The more you copy, the more mistakes you make. It’s natural. And if you don’t have the time or patience to check back and correct them, those mistakes will stay; anyone who copies your copy will also copy them as well as making his own mistakes.

Exactly the same way, as genetic material is copied – whether it is to form a sperm or egg or a new virus – mistakes tend to occur. The more the copying, the more the mistakes. These mistakes are known as mutations, and since the characteristics of an organism depend on the genetic material it has (that’s why you tend to look like your parents), any mutation tends to change those characteristics. For a slow-reproducing animal like a human or an elephant or a blue whale mutations are also slow and take hundreds of thousands of years to build up to make any major change. For organisms that reproduce very quickly, however, like bacteria, mutations are much quicker. And for viruses, which only reproduce and literally do nothing else – along with using their host’s genetic material to supplement their own – the mutation rates hit the roof.

This is especially true of RNA viruses, which I had said make up the majority of virus types. Coronaviruses, such as COVID-19, are RNA viruses. RNA viruses also lack a feature that allows DNA viruses to “check” themselves for the correctness of their genetic copying, so they can’t self-correct. This means that RNA viruses are constantly evolving into new subtypes (called “strains”), each with its own features, and they are notorious for being extremely difficult to impossible to make a vaccine for.

The common cold is caused by a Coronavirus, by the way. So is influenza. The former has no vaccine, and as for the latter, there are so many strains of influenza virus that, vaccine or not, at least  forty to fifty thousand people die every year from influenza in Amerikastan alone.

Therefore, any vaccine for COVID-19 will at best be a rather hit-and-miss affair, and may even be impossible. And yet, just as I predicted in my last article, “democratic” governments such as Denmark have already passed laws making refusal to be vaccinated by a COVID-19 vaccine illegal, even though no such vaccine exists yet.

No such vaccine exists yet even though the pharmaceutical companies have apparently decided to throw all the standard procedures on vaccines out of the window. Here is how a vaccine to a virus would normally be created, if done in a scientific manner:

First, the vaccine would be tested on a cell culture (in vitro) which would then be subjected to the virus to see if the cells got infected. If the vaccine worked, it would then be used on laboratory animals, which would then be subject to the virus (in vivo) to see if they develop the disease. It they didn’t, they would be observed for months to see if the vaccine had any other side effects, like, say, an increased cancer rate, birth defects, or anything else. Assuming they were all right, then the vaccine would be tested in human volunteers and compared with a control group. Assuming that everything was still all right – and the vaccine was still effective – then, and only then, could it be released for public use. Obviously, this will take a year or longer, and pharmaceutical companies are falling over each other at the prospect of the riches to be made. So all these procedures will be, and are being, dumped in favour of getting the first “vaccine” out in the market.

There are so many profits to be made!

And they are making profits. One of the most ludicrous things I read recently was a pronouncement from a COVID-19 True Believer that went something like this:

“I do not understand how ANYONE (sic) can believe that...(if COVID-19 were just like the common ‘flu virus) could be powerful enough to bring every world economy to a screeching halt and jeopardize (sic) both RICH (sic)and POOR (sic), Republicans and Democrats, men and women, children and the old, EVERY (sic) single race, ALL (sic) religions, smart and stupid person on the planet.”

There’s such a lot of claptrap to disentangle from this that I’ll just pass over some of the less egregious ones first:

1. COVID-19 has, to date, not killed a single child. Anywhere.

2. Religion has nothing to do with diseases unless you talk about some disease that is passed on through food and people of a religion that prohibits that particular food don’t get it. This isn’t such a disease and nobody has ever suggested it was.

Now, as to Point Three: both Amerikastani political “parties” (or, to be more accurate, allied Mafia gangs) have benefited from COVID-19. They were briefed early enough on it to sell their stocks, handily exiting the market before it tanked. Their “foreign policy”, far from being hurt by COVID-19, actively seeks to use it to try and overthrow the Iranian government. Far from helping their NATO slaves in Europe, Spain and Italy, they left them to sink or swim and it was Cuba, Russia and China – NATO’s declared enemies – who came to the aid of Italy. I don’t know about Spain. And Trump announced a gigantic “stimulus package” of businesses which, I’ll bet you any number of stimulus packages you want, will go to bailing out such criminal enterprises as Boeing, which was already on the rocks after the 737MAX crashes.

One of the most obvious economic results of the world panic is clear to see. It’s the virtual massacre of small businesses, industries, and farmers. They can’t manufacture, they can’t trade things, and they can’t sell their produce. What does this mean? It means that they will go out of business sooner rather than later, while the corporate conglomerates who have been waiting to swallow them up have the political clout and money reserves to wait for them to collapse. It’s so obvious that I don’t know why the media aren’t talking about it.

Belay that, I know exactly why the corporate-owned media aren’t talking about it.

In the illegitimate racist-fascist apartheid Zionist settler colony in Occupied Palestine, the so-called state of “Israel”, the war criminal Binyamin Netanyahu has used COVID-19 to stay on in power despite not exactly winning the last election. It was also supposed to be tried for corruption, but said trial has now been indefinitely postponed. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of zionazis have apparently been sacked without pay and sent home. To survive, they can take “loans”, which, of course, will have to be repaid later with interest. While I don’t have the slightest smidgen of pity for them – after seventy years of oppression of Palestine they have long since lost the right to pity – it’s just more evidence of how the ruling class is using COVID-19 for power and profit.

Meanwhile, in my last article, I said that the gerontophiliac Macronist regime in France would take this opportunity to crush the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protests. Within literally hours of my writing that, I discovered that the Macronist regime made laws compelling French people to download and print a form to be carried with them if they dare step out of their houses, with only a few reasons permitted.

Interesting things also happened elsewhere in France, where the world’s premier virologist, Professor Didier Raoult, said that chloroquine in the early stages of the infection handily scotches COVID-19. I don’t know if this is true, but surely it’s amenable to scientific testing. Instead, Raoult was virtually blacklisted and France’s stock of chloroquine has apparently “gone missing”, rather handily for pharmaceutical companies which will make profits from manufacturing it to feed the market.

I'm consistently amazed at how the European Union criminals imploded at the first crisis, I mean, the first crisis that they did not themselves create in the first place for their own ends (like the destruction of Libya, the creation of "Kosovo", the Ukranazi coup in Kiev, the ruination of Greece, or the buying of oil from al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria from 2012 which led to the headchoppers rolling in money, just for example). The first hard blow and it's borders closed, every country for itself, the devil take the hindmost. Why shouldn't any rational person, or country for that matter, choose Russia or China over this shambolic wreck?  While I'm on the subject, Russians should thank their lucky stars for the sanctions since 2014. It compelled Russia to resurrect its domestic manufacturing capacity. As recently as 2010 something like COVID-19 would have been an economic catastrophe for Russia. Now it's manageable. I hope other countries are also noting the fact that you had better not hand over your economy to foreign bureaucrats, or you'll regret it.

As for India: a few days ago, the Modi regime called for a day-long “People’s Curfew” to keep everyone off the roads so as to “halt the spread of Coronavirus”. This was accompanied by a demand that everyone clap and bang spoons on plates at 5pm to express their “gratitude” to the doctors and other health workers “keeping them safe” from COVID-19; by that evening cringe-inducing videos of people dancing and clanging pots and pans were making the rounds of social media. As someone said astutely, this was not the sound of gratitude; it was the sound of abject surrender to der Führer’s diktats. Not surprisingly, the very next day after this display, doctors in Telengana state were complaining that they had been evicted by the owners of their rented accommodation on the grounds that they would bring the virus back from hospitals with them. Such gratitude!

This was just the start. A couple of days later Modi clamped down a three week nationwide lockdown at three hours’ notice. Modi always makes these pronouncements at 8 pm, because that’s prime time television; optics are important. With everything closed, migrant workers - who form the backbone of the economy - have been thrown out of work in the tens of millions and are desperately trying to go back to their hometowns and villages where at least they have a measure of social support and don't have to pay rent. The Modi regime unleashed its police on them, brutally beating and humiliating them on the streets. The Modi regime tame media totally ignored this in favour of breathless reports on how celebrities were "coping with the crisis". This finally broke down when hundreds of thousands of migrant workers found themselves stranded in the heart of Delhi, unable to find buses to take them home, despite said buses having been promised by the Modi regime. Then it could no longer be ignored. So what did the Modi regime do? It immediately ordered all the states to close their borders to stop migrant workers from leaving. The state governments are supposed to house and feed and take care of their medical needs, but how this is to be managed isn't something Modi explained. Typically of Modi, this is just another "resolute" stunt which will cause massive hardship and chaos but the blame will go to those trying to implement the policy, not to der Führer himself.

Of course, nobody will ask why – if COVID-19 is as lethal as advertised – the Modi regime was doing nothing during the three months between its appearance in Wuhan (assuming that’s where it first appeared, which is yet to be proven) and pressing the panic button. What was it doing, if anything at all? Apart from pogroms against protestors, of course.

The Anti-China propaganda campaign:

Simultaneously, with China’s virtual elimination of COVID-19, a most interesting phenomenon surfaced in India, especially on WhatsApp – the Modi worshippers’ (I call them Modifellating Bhaktonazis) communication medium of choice. Suddenly, as though a switch was turned on, right wingers began circulating claims that China “invented” the virus in order to “crash the American economy” and “take over the world”. This ridiculous claptrap was in much better English than the average crude anti-Muslim/anti-secularist rhetoric which infests the right wing Indian WhatsAppsphere, and all the versions of the claims appeared at approximately the same time. I don’t think this is a coincidence. It’s obviously an orchestrated paid campaign, and there’s not much doubt as to who the paymaster could be.

1. There is no evidence that the virus arose in China.
2. There is no evidence that the virus came from eating bats.
3. Chinese normally do not eat bats.
4. By insinuating that the virus is “Chinese” the Trump regime is deliberately opposing WHO instructions to not call germs by any geographic term.
5. Viruses jump species all the time (as I mentioned a few days ago).
6. The Chinese did not institute any kind of cover up and were instead aggressively proactive in containment measures once they realised that it was an epidemic. Unlike the EU and the Trump regime, which waited until hundreds of deaths before beginning quarantine measures. If there is anybody responsible for turning it into a pandemic it is the EU and America.


A fresh canard claims that the Chinese supplied “defective” virus testing kits to Spain and the Czech Republic. As Moon of Alabama says, the truth is that

“When one checks the original reports from Spain and from the Czech Republic one learns that these countries bought anti-body tests which only react when a person has had the virus for some time and developed anti-bodies against it. These tests can obviously not be used to find persons who are infected but have not yet developed anti-bodies.
China's ambassador in Spain also pointed out that these tests have yet to be verified by the regulator and were imported without the help or knowledge of the Chinese government.”

As you will remember, antibodies are only created when the body recognises an infective agent and the immune system develops a defence against them. Therefore they only appear at a relatively late stage in the disease. This should be obvious to anyone except the medically illiterate...or someone with an agenda.

And of course they have an agenda, don’t they?

In fact it seems that the fault of the Chinese is that they successfully took steps to crush the pandemic and did not drop dead in millions. If they had, of course, then they would have been blamed for “neglecting their people”, but they wouldn’t have been blamed for “creating” the virus. Amerikastan would have been too busy trying to overthrow the People’s Republic to waste time on that.

Remember what they told you earlier when they demanded you believe something.

The Management Of Fear, or, I Am More Afraid Than You:

One of the frankly most bizarre things I’ve seen in this current, wholly manufactured, crisis is the eagerness of people to fall over themselves to do exactly as ordered by their overlords even when such action would seem to be directly contrary to their own best interests. I should have anticipated, it, though; it’s a fairly standard practice, astutely used by the Nazis. Create a wholly spurious “crisis” (a “Bolshevik Jewish conspiracy” in the 1930s, a “killer virus” scare now), convince people that you’re the only thing standing between them and chaos, and scare them constantly. That’s all you have to do.

Even so, the extent to which people are falling over themselves to beg for even more restrictions on themselves amazes me. It’s like a concentration camp inmate going up to the commandant:

“Oh, Herr Hauptsturmführer, your concentration camp isn’t oppressive enough! Could you please have us beaten more, fed less, and worked harder? Thanks!”

It’s like that.

Cui bono? 

They all do.

Except us, of course.


Anyway, just to make you happy, here are a few photos of me rescuing a Huntsman spider from the kitchen sink.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Great Corona Panic Of 2020: The Indian Perspective

Anyone likely to read this will already have been made familiar – like it or not – with the COVID-19 outbreak that is making everyone run to buy masks and toilet paper before cowering under their beds clutching cans of hand sanitiser. I am, therefore, not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by repeating all the stuff about how it appeared in China (though that is increasingly coming under question), spread to Italy and Iran and Germany, etc. That is not why I am writing this.

In this article I will focus on only a few points:

First, whether the panic over COVID-19 is justified, and, if not, why this panic exists, and whom does it serve.

Second, whether COVID-19 is likely to have been created as a biological weapon.

Third, the Modi regime’s response to COVID-19 and its implications for India.

Note:  In this article I will refer to this virus as COVID-19 for simplicity, out of all the other terms being used for it. It is merely one of a whole family of related coronaviruses, and so while the term Coronavirus is technically correct, in this instance we are dealing with COVID-19 only.

1. Never let a good crisis go to waste: COVID-19 for fun and profit.

You know what they say: when the media is all talking about something and demanding that you focus your attention on it, look for what they’re trying to distract you from. In this case there are undoubtedly many things they’re trying to distract you from; the world debt bubble that’s finally collapsing is just one of those.

I’m not an economist, but I’m not a total idiot, and it has always seemed to me that an economic system based on creating “money” out of thin air, “lending” it by shuffling strings of zeroes from one file on a computer to another, and “earning interest” by shuffling it back again, would ultimately come up against an insurmountable problem, to wit, that it’s all just strings of zeroes on a computer file. There’s only so long you can bring up zeroes before it all crashes to, well, zero. And when it does, the people doing the zero shuffling will be in hot water unless they can make everyone look at something else while frantically typing yet more zeroes into their computers.

It’s not exactly a secret that the world stock markets are crashing, They are crashing for many reasons, but one important reason is that the pile of debt made of strings of zeroes has grown to the point where it can’t be piled up any further and is beginning to avalanche down. At this stage it’s extremely useful that a sudden pandemic has caused international travel and trade to come to a shuddering standstill because, well, that’s an excellent thing to blame for the strings of zeroes coming sliding down on everyone’s head.

Then there’s the Amerikastani defeat in West Asia. Let’s not beat around the George W Bush – Amerikastan has suffered a bad defeat there. It had expected a compliant Sunni dictatorship in Syria like its client state of Jordan to emerge long ago, either to occupy the whole country or else the Arab areas while a Kurd zionistan was set up in the north. It splurged enormous amounts of propaganda, money, headchoppers, Kurds, and rat line weapons into this. It lost. It also attempted to crush Iran. Iran, though bloodied, is still standing and Amerikastan no longer dares – after the missile barrage on its occupied Ain al Asad airbase in January – to attack or threaten Iran directly. Amerikastani occupation war criminals in Iraq are isolated in their holes while Iraqi militia – far stronger and more experienced after 17 years of the war Amerikastan brought to their country – rain rockets on their heads. All these are coming together in an election year. That is not a good thing for Amerikastani politicians.    

Then there are the slaves of the European Union. This is the same EU which destroyed Yugoslavia, then Serbia, and then Libya, the same EU which pretends to care about freedom and democracy while buying oil from al Qaeda in Syria. This EU long ago realised that the flood of refugees its own policies had unleashed would crack its so-called unity open like an egg. It knew that it had to close its borders. Politically it couldn’t close borders after decades of demanding that everyone open theirs; and when aspiring member the Ottoman state pushed refugees across the border in an obvious blackmail tactic, Greek border guards found themselves blamed for beating back said blackmail tactic. But a pandemic? Why, that’s a lovely excuse to close borders. Even the Denmark of the Muhammad Cartoon-drawing Jyllands Posten closed its borders with Merkelist Germany. I’ll bet the gerontophile Macronist regime will also use COVID-19, or the fear thereof, to finally crush the two year long Gilets Jaunes protests in France. It’s like a gift to them.

Then, while a pandemic is extremely bad news to some businesses – airlines, for example – it’s extremely good news for some others. You know all those jokes about people buying toilet paper by the ton? You know how supermarket shelves are emptying out? Well, nobody is giving those goods away. Every sale means profits for somebody. Mass panic buying makes lots of profits for some people.

Major pharmaceutical profits are waiting to happen as well. Already there’s babble about vaccines that will prevent COVID-19 infection. Now viruses have an extremely well known tendency to mutate into various strains. All genetic material, both DNA and RNA, do mutate while copying themselves (that’s what mutation is, a mistake in copying). Viruses, unlike literally every other form of life, are active only when copying themselves. They do not breathe. They do not eat. They are inert when they are outside a living cell, and when they are inside a living cell, all they are doing is making more viruses. So their extreme multiplication rate means a very high mutation rate. And if you invent a vaccine to protect against one strain of virus, there is absolutely no kind of guarantee that the vaccine will be effective against another strain of the same virus. Therefore I discount the chances of these vaccines being effective. But you can be sure that they will be marketed and possibly made compulsory, and that the vaccine manufacturers – who have already, as an “emergency” measure, dispensed with time-consuming (and costly) laboratory trials - will make a very good profit from them.

It’s also going to be handy for politicians who are eagerly waiting to kill off subsidised medical programmes. Let’s imagine there’s a country (we’ll call it “Britain”, just for fun) with a long standing and quite successful publicly funded health service (let’s imagine it’s called the “National Health Service”). Let’s also imagine that certain political forces have been long out to snuff out this NHS so private medicine and health insurance companies can make a fortune. Now a pandemic that swamps the NHS hospitals and eradicates the old people who form the primary NHS beneficiaries will be wonderfully convenient for that, won’t it? And helping along the pandemic by essentially taking no steps whatsoever makes total sense, does it not?

As to how dangerous COVID-19 is, once again let me remind you what I said about looking to see what the media is trying to distract you from. It is true that people are dying from COVID-19 infection. But who are these people?

Well, they are mostly people who fall into one of these categories:

People who are elderly and already have compromised health and immune systems. Ageing societies with a high proportion of retirees will see a correspondingly higher death rate.

People whose respiratory tracts are already damaged by other factors: for example, chronic air pollution as in China or chronic bronchitis or emphysema from smoking – again as in China. A substantial number of the people who died in Iran are actually veterans of the Iran Iraq war of the 1980s and were at the receiving end of Saddam Hussein’s Amerikastani-supplied, Amerikastani-targeted, chemical weapons. Their raddled respiratory systems, burned by nerve agents and mustard gas, simply could not stand the strain.

People who are denied treatment because of other factors, such as hospital beds being unavailable because every one is occupied and so triage is performed with those “less likely to be successfully treated” turned away. Ironically this turns out to be a self fulfilling prophecy since this usually means the elderly turned away while the young – who are already with their more robust health much likelier to survive – being treated.

Collateral damage: people with other, curable illnesses, who will not receive treatment because of the hospitals being full to the brim with (often far less ill) COVID-19 infected. I would even suggest that by the time the dust has settled this section will comprise more fatalities than the rest put together. This is exactly why the Chinese built all those speciality Coronavirus hospitals in Hubei province, so that normal hospitals could keep functioning and treat people with other illnesses.

If you disregard the collateral damage, the actual mortality rate from COVID-19 is fairly low. It is, at the most, 3.5% in China, and even in Italy it is about 7%. That’s actually not very high where pandemics are concerned, and in fact it may even be a massive overestimate. Why? Because that’s the official death rate among people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. Any infectious disease has a substantial number of infected people who either do not show any symptoms or else show subclinical symptoms; someone with COVID-19 may have a sore throat or a very mild fever, not a potentially fatal respiratory collapse, and will thereby never come to the attention of the health system. They may have symptoms that are identical to common influenza, will be thought to be suffering from common influenza, and recover like people do from common influenza. So the actual, undocumented, number of COVID-19 infections may be much higher than thought, which means that the death rate may be far less than commonly stated. Meanwhile the influenza I just mentioned kills something like 40000 Amerikastanis alone every year, and killed between 50 and a hundred million in the great Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19. And let’s not forget tuberculosis, which is resurgent and increasingly difficult to treat, malaria, ditto, and so on and so forth. But those aren’t “sexy” (as we used to say when I was back in dental college) illnesses; there’s little to no profit to be squeezed out of them and so nobody even mentions them anymore.

So, yes, COVID-19 is a dangerous disease, but its lethality has been overstated. Yes, said overstatement is a deliberate and cynical ploy. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

2. A Weapon Of Convenience? COVID-19 as a biological bullet to the brain.

Now, I admit I’m not a microbiologist. I am not a weapons designer. And while I am certain that micro-organisms have been and are being actively researched for use as biological weapons, I have no direct or indirect knowledge about them. Therefore the following statements will be a mixture of speculation mixed with common sense.

I’ll say this first and get it over with: if used on anything but a small scale, biological weapons are stupid.  Let’s say you want to annihilate a small country, for instance something about the size of Rwanda. Then you might be able to use something relatively quick acting and very lethal, something of the order of Ebola, and you might be able to temporarily cause some devastation. Not total annihilation because the infected people will soon die before they can spread around the infection too far. But you could kill some tens of thousands, maybe. You couldn’t do much more.

Now in a small country (like Rwanda again) this may represent a relatively big blow. But try it in a country the size of China? That’s a drop in the ocean. The outbreak will be swiftly sealed off and controlled. It won’t even be a stumbling block. In other words, it’s pointless.

Or you could create a disease with a long incubation period, which would spread far and wide before it manifested itself. But by the same standards it would spread far and wide. With the massive amount of international travel these days it would not, could not, stay confined to your target country. It would, sooner rather than later – if you’ve got the facilities for biological weapons research, you’re a relatively rich and powerful country with a lot of international traffic – come back to hit you.

Perhaps you could – I don’t know if it’s even possible – tailor your biological weapon to attack a particular racial group, by matching it to some characteristic in the target group’s genome. Now that itself creates more problems for you.

First: Almost no racial group is confined to one single country, and those that are, are typically minorities even within that country. For instance, you are, let’s say, an enemy of the People’s Republic of China. You therefore create a virus to attack Chinese. But Chinese are East Asians who share their genes with other East Asian nations, some of which – South Korea, Japan, and the so-called nation of “Taiwan” – are your “allies” (to be more accurate, vassals), and also, having considerable trade relations with China, will get infected almost immediately. Then there are substantial numbers of ethnic Chinese living in other vassal nations, like Singapore, and in your own country, not to speak of Quisling-infested Hong Kong, which your own colonial possession Britain is desperate to recolonise. Those Quislings, being ethnic Chinese, would be eradicated by your germs, and that would be slightly awkward for you.

Or you could create germs to eliminate, say, the Derung ethnic group in China. Which would lead you to eliminate....the 7000 Derung in the People’s Republic of China.

Second: as I said above, viruses have an extraordinarily high mutation rate. Basically, if a gene in the virus can change, at some point it will do so. The genes you’ve lovingly fitted to receptors in East Asian lungs will – before you can say biogenocide – turn right round and mutate into forms that hunger to attach to receptors in your own, non-Chinese lungs, and then where are you?

Where Amerikastan and its EUvassals are headed for, I suspect.

There is only one way even a limited biological weapon makes some kind of sense. That’s if you target the weapon, not at people, but at something of enormous economic value to said people. For instance suppose you have a nation whose economy is dependent on, oh, sugar, or bananas (a literal banana republic). You create a disease that will attack only sugarcane or bananas, and you can probably do massive damage to their economy. If it’s a food staple like yams, you may even be able to create a food shortage or famine. But you can’t do it if you attack the people directly. And if your target is a very large and diverse country, you can’t do it at all.

3. Go Corona Corona Go: Modistan and the Very Bad, No Good, Absolutely Terrible Virus:

One of the many videos going around Indian Whatsapp depicts Modi regime minister Ramdas Athawale chanting “Corona Go Go Corona” in an alleged attempt to compel the virus, it seems, to pack up its bags and return to wherever it came from (or perhaps go to Pakistan, I don’t know, who can tell with these people). While this was remarkably stupid, there is a lot that’s pretty interesting in the phases of India’s response to COVID-19.

Right at the start of the epidemic in China, Indian media responded with actual elation. China, apparently, would collapse economically and its status as the manufacturing capital of the world would come to a screeching halt; it would be, who else, India which would immediately take over. How this feat was to be managed was of course not mentioned. In any case at that very time the Modi regime was faced with massive protests, including in Delhi – which culminated in an anti Muslim pogrom (another Modi trademark) when Trump came visiting in February. Therefore the tame Modi media was busy with praising Trump and condemning the protestors, and had little time to talk of COVID-19.

Then, apparently overnight, a simultaneous panic offensive began. All of a sudden the Modi media could talk of nothing except COVID-19. Grovellingly servile rags like Outlook (once an independent voice) and India Today (ditto) even set up special Coronavirus sections on their websites that soon crept over the rest of the stories. They even swamped the crash of one of India’s biggest private banks, Yes Bank, due to systematic fraud by the promoters. They submerged the continuing implosion of the economy under Modi’s ministrations. That Modi openly and shamelessly set out to purchase the government of the state of Madhya Pradesh, the election to which his party lost two years ago, by triggering the defection of a dynastic politician was less mentioned than Coronavirus.

I do not think that this is merely coincidental.

Even the phone services weren’t spared. Call anyone now and you immediately hear a recording of somebody coughing. Then there’s a long lecture, in English, of what you should do to avoid infection (apparently don’t touch anyone, don’t interact with anyone) and then, only then, will the phone ring on the other end. Assuming you haven’t hung up in disgust by that time, naturally.

Masks and hand sanitisers began to cost like gold. Modi shut down the borders while the servile media breathlessly spoke of how Indians had “escaped from Wuhan”. That the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan has been brought under control merely made this more comical. Even more ridiculously, as of this writing, there have been 108 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India and two confirmed deaths. That’s what, a death rate of 1.85%, not including one idiot who imagined he had COVID-19 and immediately killed himself.

Of course this is not going to stay like that, and everyone knows it. COVID-19 has an incubation period of about two weeks, which means that these 108 were infected two weeks ago. By the time they’ve begun displaying symptoms they have already been shedding viruses for many days. Many other people will already have been infected, and they will already, even as I write this, be infecting others. Ergo, there will be a quite predictable and massive explosion in the numbers of infected by the end of this month. And then the panic will really begin.

One of the hugest problems with India is something that not one – not a single one – of the COVID-19-obsessed media I’ve seen has talked about. It’s this: all this obsession is all about the exposure of the upper and Great Indian Muddle Class to the virus. The poor – invisible at the best of times – are not talked about at all. It’s these same poor and working class people who couldn’t even begin to afford the hand sanitisers and face masks which will putatively save us all from COVID-19, while making their suppliers quite coincidentally richer. Also these poor people can’t afford to fall sick. Suppose one of them does fall ill. He goes to a hospital, and is “screened” for COVID-19, and is put in quarantine for fourteen days. So is his entire family. Well, then, where does he find money to eat? Will his employer, assuming he has one, keep his job open? (The answer is, ha, you wish.) If he’s in a small town or village, it will get much worse than that. Superstitious mobs are more likely than not to descend on his house and burn it down, and drive away or even lynch him and his family members before they can “spread the disease”. And he knows all this. The very panic the Modi regime is fostering actually makes it much less likely that he will go for treatment at all.

So what does he do? Simply out of self preservation, if he falls ill, he and his family conceal it. Whatever the illness is, they carry on as usual. Maybe it’s something else, and he recovers. Maybe it’s COVID-19, and he may or may not recover. But whether he does or not, he is not going to go to hospital if he can avoid it, and all the while he will be shedding viruses which – with the abysmal hygiene standards of the average Indian slum – will be liberally shared around.

Right at the start of the epidemic, I had made a prediction: the Chinese would successfully contain it and it would burn out. But if it ever got established in India, then it would be here to stay.

We are, it appears, rolling out the welcome mat.

Now, how long before we come to this?

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

How To Murder A Country

There are so many ways to murder a country
So many tools to get it done.
You can buy its people with bright lights and rainbow flags
Walmarts and MacDonalds,

You can get them to kill their leaders, to sell themselves
For a visit to your country without a visa, and a chance
To clean your gutters so you don't have to,

Or you can starve them with sanctions
Bomb their medicine factories;
There is little a parent will not do
To not have to watch her sick baby wither and die,
And if she does not kneel, it's just more proof
That she's a savage who deserves whatever you want  done.

But sometimes even that will not work.
Then you must use the gun.

Bring on your freedom fighters
Arm them with media and missiles
Put white helmets on their heads
Call the government a regime,
Say the regime has lost legitimacy,
And proclaim that the time for regime change has come.

And then when the bombs fall
When the black flags fly and the beheaded corpses roll
When the oil money flows into your coffers and the slaves fill the markets
When the economy is given to your cronies to enrich themselves
When the poppies sprout in fields instead of food
When children are chained to cots as a tame warlord's sex slaves
Then the country is murdered
Then your work is done.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2020

Thursday, 20 February 2020


On the 13th of February, 1945, 75 years ago, over 760 Brutish Avro Lancaster heavy bombers, flying from bases in England, bombed the German city of Dresden. Dresden, a city of minimal military importance, was in eastern Germany and directly in the path of the advancing Red Army. A city of cultural buildings, it was known as the Florence On The Elbe and, moreover, was swollen to the brim with refugees from the collapsing Eastern Front.

The Brutish air raid came in two waves. The first was preceded by Mosquito light bombers, dropping flares to mark the target for the Lancasters. These then inundated the city with a mix of high explosive bombs (called “cookies”, basically two ton steel drums packed with explosives, lacking fins or any other control surface and therefore completely unusable to target any specific objective) and incendiaries. Despite the later Brutish allegation that it was bombing a “strategic target”, a claim uncritically parroted by Wikipedia, the evidence of the ordnance itself (also reported by Wikipedia) proves it to be a lie. Cookies weren’t targetable bombs; they could not have been used to target specific installations, like the contemporary Grand Slam and Tallboy bombs the Brutish also used. Cookies were meant to blow the roofs off houses and destroy water mains (also something Wikipedia, operating on the principle that its readers lack critical thinking faculties, reports without attempting to create new “facts”, but give it time).

In fact, by 1945 the Brutish had turned city bombing into a highly “scientific” procedure, optimised to destroy as much civilian infrastructure as possible. The idea was that Mosquito light bombers would mark the target by flares, and guide in the first bombers, Pathfinder squadrons, which would then illuminate the targets by sticks of flares. The main force of bombers, arriving shortly thereafter, would then bomb the illuminated city with cookies, blowing off roofs (these, in 1945, were of slate and would be blasted off by concussion) to expose the interiors of the houses to the incendiaries, which would then set off mass fires. The cookies would also blow apart water mains, thus making the task of extinguishing the fires nearly impossible. As the fires built up, the geography of the city would decide what would then happen. If the surroundings were relatively flat and allowed free air movement, the heat of the fires would cause the air around them to rise, forming a low pressure area. Winds from outside would then rush into this low pressure area, acting exactly like a fan to the flames. This phenomenon could either cause a wall of flame to be blown across the city at storm wind speed (known as a firestorm) or drive fires together to create a single massive central fire (known as a conflagration). A firestorm, being blown across the city and igniting areas not directly struck by the bombing, would be more devastating than a conflagration. Like Hiroshima a few months later, Dresden was to suffer a firestorm, one of such magnitude that survivors talk of seeing others being blown by the winds into fires that they were in the process of escaping. This firestorm would also have the charming effect of consuming the breathable oxygen in the air, handily suffocating civilians cowering in air raid shelters who might avoid being blown to pieces by the cookies or incinerated by the firestorm. Afterwards, rescue teams would find cellars full of corpses suffocated to death and then turned by the heat into a formless slag.

If you think that was bad enough, we haven’t even started yet. Three hours after the first wave of bombers, a second wave of Brutish Lancasters turned up over Dresden for another bombing run. Why three hours? Actually, even that was a planned delay. The Brutish had calculated that in three hours the German air raid wardens, rescue teams from the TENO organisation, firemen and ambulance workers would be at their jobs attempting to save the survivors of the first wave who were buried under the rubble. Yes, exactly like Barack Hussein Obama’s and now Donald Trump's drones would later do in Yemen and Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan, Iraq and Whoknowswhereistan, the intention of this second wave was to deliberately murder rescue workers, and nothing else. Wikipedia, still imagining that nobody has any thinking ability, manages to report this in the same article that claims that the objective was to destroy a “strategic target”

The next day, and the day after that (14th and 15th February, 1945) – while the city was still burning – over 500 Amerikastani B 17 heavy bombers, with an escort of almost 800 Amerikastani P 51 fighters, bombed Dresden in more air raids. The B 17s could only carry about half the bomb load of the Brutish Lancasters, and  the city was covered in haze from the fires, so these raids did much less damage. However, German fighter opposition was nonexistent (only one B 17 was shot down by anti aircraft fire), so the P 51s expended their ammunition by strafing refugee columns fleeing the charred city. For some reason most accounts of the bombing omit this. Perhaps because said accounts are mostly from Amerikastani sources (or from Amerikastani vassals like modern day Germans, about whom I’ll have something to say in a little bit), and they want to portray the Brutish as the sole villains of the piece. At most they’ll grudgingly say that, yes, Amerikastani bombers did bomb Dresden, but they’ll leave out the psychopathic strafing of helpless refugee columns.

Despite the claims of it being a “strategic target”, the fact is that there never was any military necessity for the firebombing of Dresden. As this became clear, the Brutish, changing their stance, claimed that it was to help the Red Army by disrupting German troop movements to the Eastern Front. This is hogwash. The Red Army, which was taking cities without having to burn them to ash first, had made no such request for assistance. The reasons, as anyone who has read extensively about the bombing can tell you, were twofold:

First, pure bloodlust on the part of the Brutish, who wanted to kill Germans for the crime of being a threat to Brutish world domination. The Brutish Bomber Command head, Air Chief Marshal Harris (known to its aircrew as “Butcher Harris”) was such a psychopath that even the monstrous war criminal Churchill was disgusted by it. The bombing had nothing to do with defeating Hitler because Dresden was not a city in any way important to Nazism, like Berlin or Nuremberg for example (Hitler would probably have called its art and architecture "decadent", anyway). And I recall reading that one Brutish officer (who did not take part in the actual attack) told the aircrew to be sure to bomb the city's central square because he had once stayed in a hotel at the square and thought the management had cheated him. Such petty reasons were used to justify the incineration of tens of thousands of human beings.
In Len Deighton's novel Bomber, a brilliant book on the RAF bombing of German cities, a disillusioned Brutish bomber pilot makes a telling point: the bombing effort was always directed at the centres of German cities, which never had anything of military value. There were old buildings of wooden construction, narrow alleys, and civilian residential districts around it. The industrial section was always in the suburbs, which were never bombed. This, of course, wasn't unknown to the Brutish Bomber Command, which knew perfectly well that all it was doing was killing civilians. Incidentally, for some reason, Bomber has never been made into a film, despite being eminently filmable, with the Brutish bombing campaign against German cities being shown not just from the point of view of the aircrew but also of the German civilians on the receiving end. Total coincidence, I’m sure!
Second, Dresden was bombed as a warning to the Soviets of what the Amerikastanis and Brutish were capable of. It had nothing much that was vital in the way of military facilities or production, and even those that were, were not bombed. The one allegedly strategic purpose was to destroy the railway to prevent Germany moving forces to the front against the Red Army; and this railway was so untouched that three days after the bombing, while the ruins of the city were still on fire, German military trains were already moving down that same railway, quite unmolested. Therefore, far from helping the Red Army, the bombing was intended to scare it. In addition to that, Dresden was to fall in the pre-agreed Soviet zone of occupation and the Brutish and Amerikastanis wanted to destroy everything in it that they could in order to deny it to the USSR.
How many were killed in Dresden? This is not a small matter, because it’s become a major bone of contention. According to many, many amateur critics of the bombing, the number killed was 250,000, or, even more fancifully, 500,000. David Irving, who wrote an otherwise excellent book on the bombing, at first repeated this 250,000 figure. However, the Dresden city authorities at the time of the bombing itself cited 20-25000 dead, and Irving himself has now accepted those figures. However, like the Holocaust fetishists with their six million carved in stone figure, there are immense numbers of people who still insist, almost as a matter of holy writ, that 250000, or 500000, or maybe even more must have died in the bombing. Must have, they insist.

I don't see how it helps to insist that a particular - and evidence-free - number of civilians died in Dresden; whether the number was 2, 2500, 25000 250000, or 2.5 million, it was an equally vile war crime and the Brutish and Amerikastanis were trying to murder as many civilians as they could. That they didn’t murder more was not for want of trying.
However, there is a major problem with quoting David Irving's initial figures of 250000 dead in Dresden: Irving himself reduced those figures to 20-25000, saying that his initial estimate was based on wrong information. It gives an opening for apologists for the bombing to divert the question to the casualty figures while ignoring the central crime itself. Which, let me repeat, remains a vile war crime no matter whether two people or two hundred thousand were murdered.

This, however, does not seem to be something comprehensible to Germans of today, who have apparently been so systematically brainwashed by their Amerikastani overlords over the past 75 years that if you check any YouTube video of the activities of RAF Bomber Command, you’re sure to find Germans cravenly thanking the Brutish – and Amerikastanis, of course – for bombing their cities (not to mention their parents and grandparents) to “free them”. This despite the fact that Nazi Germany was in no shape or form a democracy, so, of course, the German civilians incinerated by the bombing bore no responsibility for the actions of their regimes. Unlike the Brutish, Amerikastanis, and Germans of today, who vote for war criminals who invade and occupy defenceless countries on the other side of the planet and murder their civilians exactly as the Brutish and Amerikastanis murdered the civilians of Dresden 75 years ago.

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the bombing, I did this painting.
Title: Dresden
Material: Acrylic on wooden board.

After taking the above photo, I applied varnish on the painting, and then took another photo of the painting with the varnish just applied, totally wet, and gleaming in the room's lights. The reflections actually make it look as though the glare is part of the painting, an effect that goes rather well, though it does obscure some details. I suppose a combination of the two works best, so here you have both the wet varnish and, above, without. When it dries it will look like the unvarnished version, albeit slightly more gleamy.