Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Great Big ISIS Movie Extravaganza Part XXXI

As you can see if you look at the potted biography on the top left of this page, I call myself a former liberal who is now strongly anti-liberal.

I could write a thousand word explanation of the reason, or I could just let these four panels speak for me instead.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2016


  1. Bill, Hats off to you. This was the most brilliant posting you've ever done (maybe because you've done many others as well). It goes to the heart of why the 'liberals' in America and Europe can turn their faces from the crimes of their own governments. I like to say, that in America, it's okay to be a war criminal as long as you're Black, female or gay. Unreal, and yes, anti-liberal is our bio as well. Right on, brother.

  2. It's hard to understand how anyone can be against St Redbeard. As the entire US/UK/EU MSM tell us, the Daesh were created by the evil regimes of Syria and Russia to justify their brutal murder of 500,000 innocent, peaceful, unarmed protesters.

    In the first two debates, Secretary Clinton promised to start a programme like the one that transformed Libya from a brutal dictatorship, one engulfed in a civil war that would have killed most Libyans, into a peaceful and prosperous democracy. But then the evil Russian dictator said Syria was a strategic Russian asset that he would not hand over peacefully. So, in the third debate, Secretary Clinton promised she would not start a war to force regime change on Syria her first day in office: her first act will be an ultimatum to Russia. If Russia complies with every single one of her demands, including handing Syria and the Crimea over to President Clinton, there will be peace (of course, regime change in Syria, but the same way as Libya, with no loss of life). If Russia refuses the least of her demands, it means war, and the war will be entirely the fault of the evil Russian regime, so President Clinton will be forced, through no fault of her own, to also force regime change in Russia (of course, this will be far easier for her than regime change in Iraq or Libya was for Bush, jr or Obama, since all her advisers tell her that she is far more capable than any of her predecessors, the Soviet military ceased to exist when the USSR fell, and the Russian military is now much weaker than Saddam's or Qadhafi's).

    And as soon as she has forced regime change on Syria (and probably on Russia as well), the Daesh will cease to exist. The people who formed the Daesh will still be there, of course, but the organisation will be completely eradicated. Instead, all those patriots (mostly not from Syria, but now Syrian patriots) will be the legitimate, democratic government of Syria! And some may be selected to be part of the legitimate government of Russia that President Clinton will appoint.

    President Clinton: America's Greatest President EVER!!!



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