Sunday, 3 April 2016

Word Of The Day No. 10



Definition: Shorthand for “someplace we know nothing about and couldn’t find on a map to save our lives, but reflexively hate because our Zionist-controlled media tells us to.”

Etymology: From the name of a large West Asian nation, endlessly repeated with attached threats and invective.

Synonyms: Evil, enemy, terrorist, Ayatollah, mullah, nuclear.

Example: “Iran is so evil that it deliberately moved its island into the path of our naval boats in order to have an excuse to capture them!”


  1. I Ran away from the fascist fk merikkkanos and followed Khomeini <3

  2. Army Commander Major General Ataollah Salehi underlined Iran’s power and clout in the Persian Gulf, and said the country’s Naval forces have shown tough reaction to the US-led coalition naval fleet after one of their warships threatened an Iranian oil tanker.

  3. You forgot the American pronunciation. EYE-ran. As in "I think EYE-ran is a cuntry near EYE-rack."

  4. In the 18th century, al-Wahhab proved that the Ottoman Caliphate was illegitimate, and the true spiritual and temporal leader of all Islam, the only true religion, the only religion that worships the One TRUE ALLAH the correct way. And the Head of the al-Saud tribe, now the King of Saudi Arabia, acting in his official capacity, pronounced that al-Wahhab is the Greatest Islamic Scholar, EVER.

    And the King of Saudi Arabia confirmed that no true Muslims are terrorists, that the only terrorists are the self-proclaimed Muslims, the Ayatollahs of Iran and all their followers.


  5. It goes without saying in US media that Iran is evil - so much so that the US Administration's wilingness to even talk to Iran's government proves he is selling out to terrorists.

    Of course, when you begin to talk to people here about Iran, it's clear we don't know the difference between Iran and Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan.

    A lot of people believe they want war with Iran.

    Iran is near Iraq and there was some noise about a hostage critis in 1980, so what else do we need to know, right?


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