Tuesday, 5 April 2016

United Against Terror

I would love the Hindunazis to answer the question of why their deity Modi is sucking up to the centre of Wahhabi Islamic terrorism in the world, since he's supposed to be so anti-Islamic terror.

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  1. The first thought of the Zionists and the Wahhabis was that Syria desperately needed a good, Wahhabi government, one that would enforce the Law of Arabia, the Law discovered by the Great Islamic Scholar al-Wahhab that the King of Saudi Arabia is the spiritual and temporal leader of all Islam, and so it is illegal blasphemy, a capital offence (except in Palestine) to question any tenet of the Wahhabi beliefs. So the evil Syrian regime must be replaced by a good, legal, Wahhabi regime that will ensure that Syria is cleansed of all infidels and blasphemers and apostates and pagan temptations to idolatry.

    The King must lie and say he thinks Palestine should be freed from the Zionists, but lying is his absolute right, and if he wants to lie while fully cooperating with the Zionists, that is also his absolute right.

    And now the King (or, more likely, the King's son, since the King is probably senile) and Modi agree to cooperate fully, that, since the King has said that Hindustan is not part of Dar al Islam (and the King is the sole person allowed to determine the extent of Dar al Islam), Hindus may worship in peace there, and Modi fully supports, in exchange, that Wahhabi Islam will be the only religion throughout Dar al Islam.

    So a good, sensible agreement with which no one can possibly disagree, since the political head of Hundustan and the head of Islam and the head of Zionism are all in complete agreement, as is the next president of the US, President Clinton, who will provide as much military support as Modi and the King and the Zionists need.



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