Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dirty Barry

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  1. An irritating feature from some anti-Bill the Butcher comments is that, under Obama, the US has completely destroyed al-Qaeda and the US drone program is so carefully targeted that it has not killed anyone who was not a terrorist, as defined by US and International Law.

    According to all the Democrats, thanks to Obama, the horrible mess Bush, jr left in Iraq has been greatly improved, but 8 years was not long enough to undo all the damage. But at least Obama was able to turn Libya from a terrible tyranny that was sending millions of desperate refugees to Europe, refugees that European Law required them to shelter, but now Libya is peaceful and prosperous, free and Democratic, so no one coming out of Libya can be considered a legitimate refugee, and Europe can in good concious return all of them back to Libya.

    For Republicans, it was the US military that has destroyed al-Qaeda without the loss of a single innocent, since the US rules do not allow any strike unless it's been verified that there will be no collateral damage. But Obama gets no credit, since he ordered the US military not to hurt his BFFs, but the US military does not take its orders from a Kenyan Muslim who is not the legitimate Commander in Chief, they only do what is necessary to protect the US.

    And both sides are sure they're right. Facts, as they say, are only what the US Government Information Office says is true, nothing else.

    The only disagreement is: Did the US military destroy al-Qaeda without a single innocent being harmed in any way BECAUSE of Obama (Democrats) or IN SPITE of Obama (Republicans)?

    And Bill, I just read that you're right: Senator Sanders has praised the drone program and promised to continue it. I thought the US had one decent (if unnominateable) candidate, but I was wrong.



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