Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fairly Useless Fact You Probably Should Know

Something you might not be aware of:

Brown Asian children just love being hunted by drones. It's like hide and seek to them, and they laugh with delight when a Hellfire missile misses them and blows up some other kid.

Then they go home to their mosques and learn to Hate You.

This means you should not feel any sorrow for brown Asian children being blown up by drones, or any anger at the person in charge of blowing up those children. Don't forget, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

In other words, this picture is partly a lie. They may die, but they totally enjoy dying!


  1. I am confident they will look back on it with nostalgia later on. "When I was a kid, we used to play this game with foreign drones..."

    The thing I hear a lot from people here in the States is that those folks shouldn't get upset about it, because if they'd done more to resolve their own country's problems, we wouldn't have to be there.

  2. Under US and International Law, everyone killed by a US drone strike is an evil terrorist, and it's good to get those terrorists when they're less than a year old to keep them from a life of terror.

    Obama had Osama's diary translated, and recently released the unclassified bits of it:

    اشعر باللملل. فإن الباكستانيين لا تدع لي الذهاب"
    إلى أي مكان أو التحدث إلى أي شخص. ليس لدي
    أي أسلحة، وكل ما يمكنني القيام به هو مشاهدة أشرطة
    "الفيديو القديمة. أنا فقط أتمنى أن تفعل شيئا، أي شيء.

    which means, 'Obama's drones have killed off all of al-Qaeda except for me and three others. I have a secret plan that will kill millions of Americans and Europeans, but I think Obama might find me and kill me before I can get it out.'



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