Friday, 19 August 2011

The worst disaster of recent history

I've said many times in the past that the destruction of the USSR was the foremost factor that landed the world in the mess it is in today. It was a disaster for everyone, including its enemies.

1. The Empire: The fall of the USSR freed the Empire to treat the entire globe as its private colony, and that directly fed the monster military-industrial complex that is sucking the life out of the people of the US, in a way nothing has done since the Great Depression - and things can only get worse. Now, war is an industry, and the entire system in the Empire exists to feed that industry. While the youth of the US scrabbles for cover in the Afghan dirt, the suits in the skyscrapers in New York who sent them there just get richer. When the Empire collapses under the weight of operation Unending War, nothing will be left for the American people to start over with.

2. The people of the world: It's all very nice to talk of democracy, but the reality is that "freedom" has come to mean freedom to be bombed or shot by the Empire or to be made destitute by rapacious corporations, now that there's no such thing as a socialist system left in most formerly socialist nations. Even those countries which have managed to survive relatively intact have done so by bending over backward to serve the international bandit-capitalist system.

3. The peoples of the former Soviet republics, outside Russia: Freedom, you say? The freedom to be ruled over by a gaggle of despots, who have, among other things, boiled their opponents alive, bludgeoned them on the streets, and all that with the blessings of the Empire.

4. The Russian people: What has "democratic freedom" meant for the Russian people? While that glorious democrat, Boris Yeltsin, drank himself into a stupor, bombarded his own Parliament, and destroyed his army in Chechnya, the people's savings vanished, their lifespans imploded, the mafia thrived, corruption grew to almost Indian levels, and the bearded monsters of the Orthodox Church came crawling out of the woodwork to influence public policy. Prices rose to the extent that a month's salary in the eighties might buy you a cup of cappuccino now, if you're lucky. Is it surprising that the people have turned back to an authoritarian ruler who promises a measure of stability?

No, it's not.

Therefore, it's not at all surprising to me that the Russians who came to the barricades to "free themselves" back in 1991 now bitterly regret that decision.

The people of the world should never forgive them.


  1. Russia screwed up feudalism, it screwed up socialism, and it is screwing up... whatever the hell it thinks it is doing now.

    A lot of people point to Russia as proof that socialism doesn't work.
    That's like pointing to Britney Spears as proof that all music sucks.

  2. Interesting views. I don't think we're in as bad a state here in the US as we were during the Great Depression. I can however tell you for sure that the job market is not great. And I agree it has a lot to do with our high foreign policy.

  3. the collapse of USSR proved to be a total disaster for Pakistan that served as the front-line in america,s covert war against USSR.


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