Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Firing Blanks

This being one of the world’s two most overpopulated nations, the government allegedly wants people to plan their families.

As part of the effort to plan said families, sex education is banned – sex not only allegedly comes “naturally” and doesn’t have to be taught, but teaching kids about the birds and bees will cause them to “experiment”; as though they aren’t already, and as though the same government has taken any serious steps to ensure child marriage doesn’t happen.

The other thing the government allegedly does is to offer cash rewards and gun licences (in North India, where owning a gun is a sign of masculinity) in exchange for being vasectomised. That’s all very nice, if people actually took them up on that offer. I don’t know how many do, but I can bet the figures aren’t high.

I went to get sterilised a few years ago. After all, I have no intention of breeding and my partner and I didn't want to keep subjecting her body to hormones. I first went to a doctor I know, and asked her to recommend a surgeon. She reacted with horror: “Are you crazy? You want to destroy your manhood?”

Bear in mind that the person saying this was a doctor.

Anyway, I got the surgeon’s name out of her, and went to talk to him.

And what did he tell me? What he said was that it was "unethical" unless I was married and the father of at least two kids. So in order to not father kids I didn't want, I had to father kids first.

Does this sound like sense to you?

And we wonder why we continue to breed like flies.

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  1. Hey, if you were Catholic, you couldn't have a sacramental marriage after you had that procedure.

    For some reason, people think there aren't enough of us on the planet yet.

    6.5 billion more might do it, I guess...


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